Although there are still few, people from various countries are now working in the office.


Furthermore, two years ago, not only in the workplace, persons who worked at the two organizations (contract subcontractors) that supported my software work come from the continent (China) and the peninsula (Korea).


I think that it was a very international team.


Anyway, they were working fast and accurate, and they delivered the products that exceed my requirements by the delivery date. I remember "it was very helpful".

しかし、私が、『国際色豊かなチーム』であることに気がつかなかったのは、私が、「リベラル」だとか、「コスモポリタリズム(世界市民思想)」であるとか ―― そういうこととは関係ありません。

However, the reason why I didn't realize "international team" was, not that I am "Liberal" or "Cosmopolitalism (World Citizen Thought)", but it has nothing to do with that.

―― 普通に日本語を使っていて、コミュニケーションに問題が発生したことが一度もなかったから

"Because they used Japanese normally, and never had any communication problems"



For me, "I am both me and my environment" is my daily life, not to be told by Ortega(*).


(*)Jose Ortega i Gazette (1883-1955)


I am not interested in anything, and I don't care of anything beside my environment.



By the way, after the Pacific War, in the United States, an adjective that expresses poor product quality was

"Wouldn't it. It is made by Japan (仕方ない。日本製だからな)"


I think few people know this fact (that appears in old movie phrases).


Now, the quality of Japanese products has been recognized around the world, but at that time it was exactly the opposite.



The story changes.


About 3 years ago, in a meeting with newcomers, when he said,


"A seminar professor said that "the quality of Chinese products is bad, and we don't have to compete with Japanese products""

という発言をした時に ―― 私は珍しく怒気を含んだ言い方で、その新人を嗜めたことがあります。

I have reprimanded him with an unusual angry phrase.


"Twenty years have passed since China became a manufacturing power, and many Japanese manufacturing industries moved to the continent. Do you think you can "keep quality bad" throughout that period?"

―― と。


(To be continued)



(Continuation from yesterday)


By the way, it seems that there are a lot of stories in which the main character who says "Don't worry about such a small thing" appears in the series of manga magazines (*) for little-brain boys / girls.


(*) A typical little-brain manga in which people laugh at river side after fighting to each other.

しかし、そのマンガを作成している人(漫画家)は、決められた締切 ―― そんな小さいこと ―― を守る為に、不眠不休、死に物狂いで、それを描き上げています。

However, the person who is making the manga (manga artist) is drawing up with sleepless restless, and dying to go mad. "such a small thing".

―― 締切を守らないマンガ家は、いずれ捨てられます。

"Manga artists who do not keep their deadlines will eventually be abandoned.


No matter how wonderful the content is, the cost of damage due to failure to meet deadlines (editing, printing, distribution costs) and readers' dissatisfaction is going to exceed the value of the content.



I think that "careing for small things" is very important.


After all, "big things" consist of many "little things".


It seems that some people misunderstand that "big things" can be realized as "big things".



However, it is important to care about "small things," but it is necessary to give up on the fact that most of them become useless efforts.


Also, if you are too concerned about "small things" and break something important (your own mind and body), it is a fall at the end of the day.


This balance is difficult.



I am a pretty coward.


- I will visit the site on the night of the day before the exhibition, and will go to preview the site the next day


- Before the conference presentation, repeat the exercise in the hotel room even if I lose all lines with tension.


- When I have to make a demonstration of test system early in the morning, I put the luggage in the locker of the train station the day before


I will check just in case.


I know, that 99% of these actions are over thought.



―― 世間の善意や、自分の幸運を、信じない

"I do not believe in the goodness of the world or my fortune"


So it cannot be helped.



Some people in the world say, "don't worry about such small things, like exhibitions and conference presentations"


Why can they say that?


It is because it is other personnel affairs.


Everyone is not interested in "others".

自分に関することで、「小さいことを気にするな」を本気で信じている人は ―― 基本的に、社会人としては、失格です ―― というか『単なるバカ』。

People who really believe in "do not worry about small things" is disqualified as a member of society --- honestly speaking, "just a stupid"


People who do not do small things are not trusted by society and cannot get a job.


(To be continued)



(Continuation from yesterday)


For me who only knows the names of thinkers and philosophers, there is no way how to judge true or false.


In order to refute the opponent, I must thoroughly learn about the original book of the thinker and philosopher.


But in the first place, I was not interested in such things.


Besides, from that time,

―― 社会を良くしようと志向する者(哲学者)が、大衆に理解できない本を書いてどうする


"How does a person (philosopher) who intends to improve society write a book that the public can not understand?"


I thought "I don't have to work hard to understand such a philosopher's book on such a stance,"



On the other hand, the world of technology (especially engineering) is clear.

―― 当初の予定通り動いたモノだけが正解であり、動かすことができた人間だけが正義

"The only thing that moved as originally planned is the correct answer, and only the person who was able to move is justice"


This is an absolute value standard.


So, no matter how well they speak technology, at least I can not trust anyone who can not move things.

特にコンセプトだけ語って、パワーポイントを量産するだけの奴は、私の記憶の中には残りません ―― で、人工知能技術の分野で、こういう手合いが多い。

Especially, a person who speak a concept only and mass-produce the power point, is out of my scope. there are many such people in the field of artificial intelligence technology.


I trust people who write 100-line executive programs with their own hands, rather than those who mass-produce 100 power points.


The voice of those who actually make things is very persuasive, and things that are made in this way are strong enough to be violent.


I look at the moving things, examine their contents, and marvel at the technological powers put into them.



However, I am not a fool of the person who makes the "concept".


The "concept" is, I think that is the same as "making things", If it is so concrete and realistic that it is an immediate execution possible state.


If they show the concept in a practical state, I think that I will be obsessed and obsessed with them.


On the contrary, I don't like a person who is just a PowerPoint maker with calling "concept shop".


Unfortunately, in my life, I have never met people beyond "concept shop" (others, "standardizing shop", "business model shop", etc.).


For now, other than "making things", there is no one who has made me insane, blind and obedient.



(Continuation from yesterday)


However, what I felt really troubled at the study sessions held at the dormitory was their "sorry writing ability".


Since I was a science student, I knew well the necessity of representing the concept with figures and numbers. The badness of the dormitory's presentation was hopeless.


A summary statement in my report form that explains things in a complete and logical way, was just criticized as


"Easy Schemeism"



Now I can say


"Your head is too bad to summarize your claim and explain it to others"


However at the time, I could not know which one is correct.


Now there is no doubt of their ignorance.



I will consider that at the time of the self-governing dormitory, the reason of this "innocent writing" passed through, was the influence of "the translation of the original book" by philosophers and thinkers.

「訳の分からん文章」を書くことが正しい ―― のような、アホな考え方の根底には、

"Unreasonable writing" is right --- at the bottom of this foolish thought, I think there are two possibilities.


(1)There is no technical writing (logical writing) ability at all


(2)If it is described in the above method (1), the shallowness of the bottom of their idea is easily exposed



Anyway, I think I was really wise. Because I noticed that I was being stunned with such things, and I left the room soon. even I was a leader of the dormitory.


In the above discussion in the dormitory, whenever I heard a quote from a thinker or philosopher they abuse, I thought

―― おまえ、本当にこの原書の内容を理解した上で、話をしているのか?

"Are you really talking after understanding the contents of this original book?"



(To be continued)



(Continuation from yesterday)


When I was a student, I lived in a so-called autonomous dormitory.


The dormitory had only the remnants of the student movement ten years ago remained, and could hardly appeal to students.


However, some of the dormitory students were proud of the principles of the dormitory.

そして、小さな町工場の息子であって、零細企業の悲哀を思う存分味わってきた私は、哲学者やら思想家やらの言葉を引用して、議論をする彼らとは ―― とことん、相容れませんでした。

And I was the son of a small town factory, and I had tasted the sorrows of small businesses. So I could not agree with them whom quoted the words of philosophers, thinkers and others.

■資本家による搾取だぁ? バカいってんじゃねーよ。日本の97%の企業は中小または零細企業で、その社長の殆どは、大企業のサラリーマンよりはるかに貧乏だぞ

- Is it exploitation by a capitalist? Don't be stupid. 97% of companies in Japan are small companies, and most of their presidents are much poorer than business persons of large companies.


- Even a large company, under the supervision of shareholders, under the supervision of shareholders, if management is doing bad management, they will be dismissed at the moment. In order to survive, they simply make the choice to lay off their employees.

とまあ、その当時にあって、不渡りの連鎖で、取引先の夫婦が首吊り自殺をして、父の会社も倒産直前まで至った、その社長の息子は ――

Well, at that time, the son of that president whose father's business partners were hanging suicide and father's company also reached just before bankruptcy in the chain of failure,


While making me laugh, he was listening to their ridiculously empty arguments.


(To be continued)



The NHK text "100 minutes de masterpiece" is also read from Kant, Ortega to Spinoza.


I brought the text to the bathroom, dropped it in the bathtub, filled it with a highlighter, and frayed it in just a day.


I thought "It's okay to collect the whole text of this series".But when I checked it closely, I noticed that there were some author texts that you do not want to read. So I will not collect the whole text.


Anyway, one book is about 600 yen, cost performance is also the best.



The only thing I do not know is why those philosophers didn't write a book like the "100 Minutes de Masterpiece" by themselves,


Indeed, the original book of philosophy is like,


"Oh, well, Do you have a feeling that you would like the reader to read your book? "


difficult to understand.


Well, I read Japanese translation versions, so honestly I do not understand "how difficult the original book is"


However, the person who wrote the Japanese translation should have tried to translate it as closely as possible to the original book after understanding it well.


Therefore, I think that it is not wrong that the original book itself is difficult.


(I am only reading the original English technical book when When all other means are exhausted.

―― 社会を良くしようと志向する者(哲学者)が、大衆に理解できない本を書いてどうする

―― How does a person (philosopher) who intends to improve society write a book that the public can not understand?


I think so.


I would like to say, "As same an original book, write the summary as well as a summary," "you will not leave the work of" 100 minutes de masterpiece "to later generations."


(To be continued)



(Continuation from yesterday)


Well, quietly speaking, the Buddhist scriptures are,


based on the teachings of Mr. Goudama Siddhartha,


to deify him, and to pull him into the scriptures,


further to extend to the world view after death


"Secondary creations"



They are "secondary creations" so, the numbers of them are as many booths as the comic market.


These are "sects".

企業ブースクラスだけを挙げても、三論宗・法相宗・華厳宗・律宗・倶舎宗・成実宗・天台宗・真言宗・融通念仏宗・浄土宗・臨済宗・曹洞宗・浄土真宗・日蓮宗・時宗・普化宗・黄檗宗・修験宗 があります。

Even if you mention only company booth classes, there are Sanronshu, Housoushu,Kegonshu, Ritsushu, kushashu, Zyouzyutsushu, TTendaishu, Shingonshu, Yuuzuunenbutsushu, Zyoudoshu, RInzaishu, Soutoushu, Zyoudoshinshu, Nichirenshu, Zishu, Fukeshu, Oubakushu, SHugenshu.


If you enter circle participation (national, regional, regionally indigenous, fundamentalist etc.), you will not be counted.


Therefore, the Buddhist scriptures, are

―― ゴーダマシュッダルダさん没後、2500年オーダの時間をかけて創作され続けた膨大な物量の「同人誌」

"Doujinshi(fan fiction)" which are huge amount of materials, and has been revising over the period of 2500 years, after Goudama Siddhartha's death.


I believe that this my understanding is no bad.

ゴーダマシッダルダさんが、まったく想定すらしていなかった、死後の儀式 ―― 通夜、本葬、初七日、四十九日、N回忌(N=1,3,..50)は、「同人誌」の産物という訳です。

"Rite after death", for example, wake, main funeral, first seven days, nineteen days, N conclusion (N = 1, 3, .. 50), has been produced by Doujinshi


However, I do not intend to say, "This doujinshi .., correction, sectarian scriptures have no meaning at all".



For example, I suppose

―― 私の娘が不幸な事故や病気で死去したら、その私は、何もせずにいられるだろうか?

"If my daughter dies from an unfortunate accident or illness, can I be without doing anything?"



To my daughter who can not be revived, I think that what I am going to do as a parent, are


even if the possibility of being close to zero despairably, I am praying to cling about daughter's happy afterlife and reincarnation, and I bet on that.


almost every day, trying funerals of all religions all over the world, filling the funeral hall with flowers, continuing to chant infinitely words to pray for every and every happy death,


keep asking attendees to cling to attendees, saying "Do not forget her" not only for the first day, 1st anniversary, 3rd anniversary, 50th anniversary


逆に言えば、「葬儀」というシステムがなければ、子に先立たれて、残された親たちは、悲しみで狂ってしまうかもしれない ――

Conversely, without the system of "funeral", parents who preceded their children may be crazy with sorrow.




Doujinshi... correction, the Buddhist scriptures, are, even if they are secondary creations,


- during an enormous amount of time and observation of a huge number of people,


- to ease the living (x dead) human heart,


- the culmination of trial and error use case,


If I think, I can really understand exactly.

仏教の説く「死後の世界」とは、「死者の為の世界」ではなく、「現世で生き続けなければならない人間の心をラクにする為の『バーチャルワールド』―― "夢と魔法の王国"みたいなもの」です。

Buddhism's preaching "the world after death" is not "the world for the dead", but "the virtual world to make the heart of human calm". They are not for dead, but for living human beings, like "the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic".

(Although "the world after death" is also used as a "threatening system" of religion (I think that this is the main thing))


(To be continued)



I am reading the diary yesterday,

―― 江端の禁酒って、改宗?

"Is Ebata's abstinence metanoia ?"


I will be in trouble if such a rumor flows.


From college to now, I have been proud of "high rate questioning from polic persons" ( compared to other's opinions)


A news of "Ebata's metanoia" might motive security police ( I am not somebody.)


Anyway I state positively "Ebata's abstinence is not for metanoia".



To begin with, I don't feel that I should have any religion I can believe, before metanoia.

『自分に欲せざること、他人に施すことなかれ ―― 必要な場合を除き』

"Do not desire yourself, do not give it to others - except when necessary"


For now, I think that can do something.


When religion is needed, I am thinking to sign a provider with a major religion (for example, three major religions) at that time.


神の存在は信じていますけどね ―― ただし「人間の事など1mmも興味を持っていない神」ですが。

I believe in the existence of God. However, although it is "God who is not interested in human beings as much as 1 milimeter".


It is a useless God, not worthy of faith.



Recently, I read an information magazine for group companies at the corner for coffee-breaks.


In that magazine, the dialogue between a marriage consultant(woman) and a consultant (man) was described.



Woman: "Well, let's first go on a diet"



Yes, she is right.

If you lose weight, you can become beautiful.


If you are careful about anorexia, diet is the best cosmetic method for both men and women.


For appearance, there are (violent) effects that can not compare any expensive cosmetics.


「知性を高める」「教養を身につける」「自分に自信を持つ」「他人から頼られる行動を行う」 ―― は、もちろん大切なことです。

I can agree that that it is important, of course, to "increase intelligence," "acquire cultural knowledge," "have confidence in yourself," "active something others depend on you".

しかし、こと「恋愛」「結婚」戦略については ―― 残念ですが ―― アクションリストのトップは「ダイエット」です。

But for "romance" "marriage" strategy, -- Unfortunately -- the top of the action list is "diet".