In the anime "Silver Spoon", there is a scene where the protagonist argues against his father.

「失敗した人間は、一度失敗した人間は、何もしちゃいけないのか? 一度のダメで全部がダメになるのか?」

"A human who fails... humans who have failed once, should not do anything? They should be denied by just one mistake?"


"We are just like economic animals. One illness, one injury, going to a disposal site, if productivity drops. That's the same with economic animals!"


"No, some owners don't even dispose of economic animals easily. Even an equestrian horse has the chance to fly a second time if the horse fails to jump"


"I am less than an economic animal?"



I understand his claim.


I realized it in particular, I was taken to Mito instead of Chiba due to a single failure to select the route at the junction of the Metropolitan Expressway.

一度(ひとたび)選択を間違えれば、二度目のチャンスを貰えないという点では ――

If you make a mistake once, you will not get a second chance.


All Metropolitan Expressway users are "economic animals".



At midnight last night, my wife's smartphone WiFi slumped, and then the network troubles begin to spread out my home.


This problem was resolved, and I restarted the suspended equipment, and it took about 3 am for some reasons.


I thought, "this is my weak point".


Even if they cannot use the network, my family is harmed.


Well, they may not be able to take remote lectures.


My strategy was to leave the network alone and go to sleep soon.

しかし、私は、目の前に問題があると放置できない 懼懼 ことが、稀にあるのです。

But I rarely can't leave things, if a problem is in front of me.



This includes computer and server construction, and network settings.


In contrast, I am not good at trust, friendship, affection, meetings, politics, approvals, and other incompetent neighbors and relatives. I don't like anything have human being as a control component.


Because I can't move people as I hope.



Anyway, this time, I cleared it at 3:00 am, but if this took longer, I think I would have stayed up all night.


If this was a "human," I think I could give up in less than a second.



I received the postcard of the confirmation code for "NHK Plus", a service that allows me to watch NHK programs on your computer.


I just entered the code.


While working at home, NHK content is good for me, because I can watch them without disturbing my thoughts.


There is no problem with cloud server settings and paperwork. Programming is also okay for me.


On the other hand, "column writing", "development of invention" and "use case devising" is bad for me.


On the contrary, for these three things, "while walking" is better.


時々、約1時間強、町内を歩いています ―― マスクをして、本とノートを抱えながら。

From time to time, I am walking around town for over an hour --- wearing a mask and holding a book and notebook.


Sometimes I suddenly stop and write memorandoms down in my notebook. It may be annoying, however, I don't think there will be any problems because I'm walking in a place where no one can find it, so


For example, I study "quantum computer" while "walking".


私は、『なんで、そうなるんだ?』とか『おかしいじゃないか』とか、ぶつくさ言いながら歩いていますので ――

I'm walking while saying soliloquy "why does that happen? "isn't it funny?"


So, whether or not there was a coronal disaster, I don't think anyone is approaching me.


嫁さんが、「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス2」の視聴を終えて、現在、「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス3」を視聴中です。

My wife has finished watching "PSYCHO-PASS 2" and is now watching "PSYCHO-PASS 3".

―― ハマり方が凄い

"The way she be addicted is amazing"

こういう一気視聴が可能となったのは、Amazon PRIMEのおかげです。

It is thanks to Amazon PRIME that such continuous viewing is possible.

実は私、Amazon PRIME とは、年間郵送サービスのみと思っていました。

Actually, I thought Amazon PRIME was only an annual mailing service.


I noticed that there was an "unlimited movie viewing" service after the Corona disaster.


I think there are few stupid people like me, however, If you do not know it, I woll recommend you to use the movie watching service.


江端家は、現在、嫁さん(リビングPC + テレビ画面)、長女(自室ノートPC)、次女(自室ノートPC)、私(自室デスクトップPC + ディスプレイ4台)の全てが、全て有線ネットワークに接続されて、安定稼動中です。

At the Ebata family, for my wife (living PC + TV screen), for senior daughter (in-room notebook PC), for junior daughter (in-room notebook PC), for me (in-room desktop PC + 4 displays) are all connected to the wired network with stable operation.


The whole family enjoys YouTube, Amazon and Zoom in different places (although they don't seem to enjoy remote lectures).


Wireless LAN is convenient, but connection stability is not comparable to wired LAN.


The line speed is 3 to 5 times, and the jitter stability is more than 10 times.


In remote lectures, this jitter can be a fatal problem (They will leave the system during the lecture).



Ethernet (Category 5), which I built into our home 15 years ago, is now showing its power.


Since it is the Ethernet cable at that time, 100M will be the upper limit of the band, but it seems that there is no particular problem.


We was also lucky that we bought a laptop for my second daughter six months ago.


I heard that getting notebook PCs are very hard while today's self-restraint(Delivered after June).



Even now, the two 8-port hub LEDs in my room are still flashing.


今年3月の3連休 ―― 日本中がコロナ禍に油断したあの時、私もスキー場にいました。

For three consecutive holidays in March of this year, I was at a ski resort when all of Japan was alert to the coronal disaster,


At that time, for the first time, I tried automatic driving of N-BOX on the highway.

―― いやー、ラクでした

"Well, I could drive easiler"


Once my car captured the car in front, the car changed in auto-tracking mode, and I can leave to my car own choice


However, on the contrary, I was attacked by a violent drowsiness.


However, when I did not hold the steering wheel (or when I handled the steering wheel loosely), the warning alarm prevented it, and it also will prevent me from falling asleep.


本当に、早いところ「自動車運転」などという言葉が消えて、全ての自動車が国の管理するシステム下で運用制御されればいいのに ――

I wish the word "driving a car" disappeared in the early days, and all cars will be operation-controlled under a system managed by the government.

と、アニメの『PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス』を見ながら、考えていました。

I was thinking that while watching the animation "PSYCHO-PASS".


以前、「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス」は視聴の価値がある、と娘(長女)に話しました。

I told my daughter (senior daughter) that the animation "PSYCHO-PASS" is worth watching.


However, my daughter, who I advised and did not watch, started watching in order to talk with a friend at the university.

「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス」は視聴の価値がある、と嫁さんに話をしました。

I told my wife that "PSYCHO-PASS" is worth watching.

滅多にアニメを見ない嫁さんが、娘のアドバイスを受けて、Amazon PRIMEで、今日一日で、「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス」の第1クール22話を、もうすぐ全部見終えそうです。

My wife, who rarely sees anime, seems to finish watching total 22 episodes of the first cool episode of "PSYCHO-PASS psychopath" on Amazon PRIME today in one day, by daughter's advice.



It may be unavoidable, but my evaluation doesn't seem to be accepted by my family.



During the consecutive holidays, I kept myself in my house, so I often watched TV during the day.


And I was surprised at the low quality of daytime news programs compared to nighttime news programs.

まず、ニュースキャスターの無知性と無勉強 ―― たぶん、あえて「無能」を演じているんだろうと信じたい ―― です。

First, the newscaster's ignorance and no study. -- Maybe I want to believe that they are acting "incompetently".


In addition, in the program,


- (Including items for which no results have been obtained), blaming the government policy, and guiding everything to the responsibility of the Prime Minister and the Minister


- A desperate misunderstanding of statistics(in particular, no understanding of "hypothesis test" regarding RPC test numbers)


- Fawning behavior comment by the person who is said to be an "expert"


Also, I remember the name of the person who is said to be an "expert" and search on the Web. However some people are completely anonymous, and some do not even write a paper in worst case (of course, some people do not).

私、その人物の実績を評価する時、その人の学歴なんぞは見向きもせず、その人の残しているコンテンツ(論文、コラム、その他なんでもいいが、SNSは除く)は、ちゃんと読むようにしています ―― それなりに面倒ですが。

When I evaluate a person's performance, I'm not interested in that person's educational background, but I try to read the content of the person's papers, columns, anything else, except SNS. --- It's kind of troublesome, though.


Somehow, I feel that they are borrowing a person named "Professor" at a cheap price, and pulling him/her out to the news program.


So, I didn't watch TV in the daytime and only watched NHK news at 19:00.



Even for the NHK news programs, I sometimes feed the line.


The phrase "security is broken by "hackers"" is a level that can't be fixed anymore,


The same goes for the phrase "○○ was realized by"AI"" (I no longer have the power to complain).


So this time


The phrase "the gene" RAN "..." came out.

―― "RNA"って、遺伝子と呼んでもいいのかな? DNAでもないのに、

"May I call "RNA" a gene? It's not DNA"


I looked it up.


"There are many viruses that have RNA as a gene," and I found an explanation about the microRNA gene.



I realized, "I'm not good at things that aren't my specialty."



I have been prescribed a tranquilizer (Celsin) at the office of the company as a countermeasure for insomnia of the early morning awakening type.

2mgセルシン錠の基本情報(作用・副作用・飲み合わせ・添付文書 ...


However, at this "Coronal disaster", the clinic is closed and I could not come to the office, so it was confirmed that the medicine was exhausted before the consecutive holidays, and I was in a very dangerous situation.


I have never experienced the situation of "I don't have my regular medicine at hand".


This is a pretty fear.



Previously, I was watching an animation called "Brynhildr in the Darkness".


The girls who appeared in the anime, are unable to maintain their body and die, unless they do not take a life-prolonging drug called a "killer" every day,

―― クスリが無くなった日に死ぬ

"Death on the day the medicine disappears"


I feel the sympathy deeply in the girls, because it was an unimaginable fear.



What I learned from that process was

―― オンライン診療が、まったく普及、定着していない

"Online medical care is not widespread and established"


at the present.


In the first place, there were very few clinics that could accept online medical treatment, and in most cases, there was a condition that "the first medical examination cannot be accepted."

しかし、これからは、オンライン診療も主流になっていく ―― のかな?

However, online medical care will become mainstream in the future ?


Those who work as doctors seem to have high IT literacy.


(Click here for a story that the world of care is hopeless)


However, I think that the system (law) may interfere with online medical treatment.


I have a prejudice that "tatus quo bias of doctors" is also stronger.



Anyway, this time, I got a lot of advice from the doctors friendly.


I was really relieved when I was able to get a prescription from a nearby internal medicine department.


I was able to hold the 21 tablets of tranquilizer (Celsin), I got at the pharmacy, skipped over and returned to my home, and I was able to complete my consecutive holidays.


新型コロナウイルス対応で、社会的な ―― マクロで、そして、ミクロな ―― 対応が求められています。

Corresponding to the new coronavirus, social "macro and micro" response is required.


That is a grand social experiment of "using only individual behavioral changes and statistical probabilities to achieve results comparable to overseas blockades"



Since 1560, when the feudal lord of a region called Oda Somehow started a successful surprise attack in Okehazama, Japan has been, we Japanese people have loved


"a strange strategy"



Looking back in history, there are some success stories such as the attack on Pearl Harbor, the defeat of the Baltic fleet, the occupation of 223 Kochi, and the bloodless opening of Edo Castle.


However, there is also a huge number of failed operations behind it.


Anyway, the operation has already been activated.


Since it was activated, this fight is meaningless unless we get "victory".


This "victory" means in my sense "to endure for two years without disintegrating medical care", not to "eradication of COVID-19".



However, if this operation succeeds, it will remain in world history as a result that far surpasses at least the "largest operation in history" that mobilized 2 million soldiers, "Normandy landing operation". I'm sure.

―― なにしろ、作戦動員数が、1億2650万人

"After all, the number of operational mobilization is 126.5 million people"

―― 戦術はソーシャルディスタンスとステイホーム

"Tactics are social distance and stay home"

―― 武装なし(特効薬もない)

"No armament (and no silver bullet)"


Well, I don't like sayings such as uplifting national power,

1億を越える人間による「統計確率」に基づく作戦行動 ―― これに、私が「萌えない」訳がない。

Operational actions based on "statistical probability" by more than 100 million people --- I can't help getting excited.


After the success of this operation, I believe that


- Restoration (?) Of mathematics (in particular, probability and statistics),


- Simultaneous purge of intellectuals who have advocated the theory of unnecessary mathematics



By the way,



Even the Ebata family is under pressure to make various changes to support the new corona.


For example, the day before yesterday, I added wireless LAN access points.


Until now, there was a poor wireless LAN connection in the house, especially in the children's room, but I was not serious.


However, I heard that this had an impact on my job hunting activity (remote interview) for my eldest daughter and school attendance (online lesson) for my second daughter, and this response jumped to the highest priority.


15 years ago, when I built this house, the LAN cable (100 Mbps) that was secretly stored inside the house will be demonstrated at this last minute.


At the day, a new WiFi access point I ordered to Amazon is coming, I pulled out the LAN cable from the LAN modular jack on the back of the closet in the children's room, and installed it on the ceiling of my eldest daughter's room.

15年前には、PCによる就職活動や、オンライン授業は ―― そういう「話」は山ほどありましたが ―― 実施例は、ほぼ絶無と言っていい状態でした。

Fifteen years ago, there was a lot of talk about job hunting and online classes using PC. But the practical examples were almost inexhaustible.


Even if we, IT engineers, have been asking for more than 20 years, a society has not changed at all. However, society is going to change dynamically in the last 1-2 months.


After all, "surviving" means being "strong" like this.