As a time travel freak, Ebata-san, Steins Gate/Zero and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time are sure things.


(If you haven't watched these two pieces of content yet, come back to my chat room backyard later.)


In the last scene of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, I've enjoyed watching many people argue over the interpretation of Chiaki's words to Makoto: "I'm waiting in the future.


So, I thought we could do another story like this.



Makoto goes into science to build a time machine, and she study abroad and get a job with a SERN.


Makoto, who has become the project leader, monitors the world's networks and hacks into Okabe's emails at the Gadget Research Institute in Akihabara.


From the beginning, Makoto, who has no interest in SERN's global domination, reaches out to Chris, who is studying abroad in the United States, and leads Okabe to develop a time machine.


She becomes a member of the Rabomen and assists Okabe in developing a time machine while fending off an attack from SERN.


Makoto wishes to ride in a prototype time machine, however she secretly changes the future date and time of the target's arriva


The altered setting twists time and space in the future, resulting in an explosion that decimates the city. The world, which had been stable in the Steinsgate worldline, is plunged into World War III, and that war burns down the "painting" that Chiaki wanted to see


Makoto attempts another timeline to fix this altered future.


"Makoto who wants to fulfill Chiaki's wishes", and "Makoto who wants to see Chiaki again" with dividing the lab-menmer into each two for supporting two Makotos.

2人の真琴の「最後のタイムリープ戦」が始まる ――

Two Makoto's "Last Time Leap battle" begins



...Why is it that when I write a story, I end up with this kind of bat-ending?



(Continuation from yesterday)


It's different in ideology and direction from weddings and funerals. however, there are some cult groups in Japan that say stupid things like "we can beat the coronary disaster by faith and rituals".


I have no more words to say about their "incompetence".


Also, in the world, at least two gurus who have performed such missions have died from COVID-19 infections (even I know).


For them, I don't have any feeling of compassion, mourning at all.


Rather, I think that such gurus and followers may be identified as "terrorists."


Nevertheless, I am unwilling to call the idiots spreading the bullshit that "you can beat the corona disaster by faith and ritual" a "bioterrorist".



So, here's one new social evil to define "incompetence", and I would like to suggest that we call the cult groups that disseminate such ignorant doctrines


"incompetent terrorists".




There was a third anniversary of my father's death the other day, and after discussing it with my sister, I decided not to attend.


I made a comprehensive assessment of the risk of infection while traveling to my parents' home and the behavior of the people I was traveling to (and the concerns of the locals).


I think that the biggest reason was

―― 冠婚葬祭に関する、私個人の意識の低さ

"My personal lack of awareness about weddings and funerals"




Decisions regarding weddings and funerals are very different, depending on the country, the region, and even the religion, depending on the denomination.


Those decisions are often complicated, but I believe they are important triggers for triggering events related to geographical and blood ties.


More than that, if the event can give peace of mind to a living person, it's a good thing.


To wisely complain about such an event is unwise.

―― とまあ、私は、そこそこ「大人の対応や考え方」ができるんです。

And, well, I can do "adult responses and ideas"


In fact, I'm an adult, and I need to stop acting as a youthful indiscretion.

ただ今回のような、コロナ禍のような状況では、そのような「大人の対応や考え方」は、「合理的な考え方」 ―― リスク計算の前では、簡単に取り下げられてしまいます。

But in a situation like this one, a corona disaster, such "adult responses and ideas" are easily withdrawn in the face of "rational thinking (risk calculation)".


(To be continued)



Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.



Let's turn over the world by number (64). Extra:

"A forefront of corona infection battle" sent by the doctor to me as an engineer



This is the longest column I've ever written.


(Step 1) Ebata read the email sent by Dr. Shibata


(Step 2) Ebata looks up all the technical terms in Shibata-sensei's e-mails to understand them.


(Step 3) Ebata makes changes and additions to phrases to explain, makes drawings, and forwards them to Dr. Shibata via email.


(Step 4) After Dr. Shibata reads it, he adds phrases and drawings to clear up Ebata's misunderstanding and provide accurate explanations, and forwards them to Ebata.

(Step5)それを読んだ江端が・・・(以下、(Step2)に戻る ・・・)

(Step 5) Ebata reads it, and... (Goes back to (Step 2) )


During this step, I am reviewed by the junior.



This process was repeated for several days between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m.


Ebata forwarded the final edition by e-mails to Ms.M, who was in charge of editing, she took this massive amount of text and edited it into a public page in just two days. and asked both Dr. Shibata and Ebata to do a final check on that,


However, Dr. Shibata and Ebata (without giving a straightforward go-ahead), furthermore, conducted Step 2 through Step 5 again.


After final proofreading by Ms.M, it was finally released today at 6:30 p.m.



And now that I've cooled down and re-read it, I come to think

―― 関係者全員に、「何かが乗り移っていた」かのようなオーラが漂う作品として仕上がっている

"It's a complete work of art with an aura, as if "something had taken over" everyone involved"



I think one of those something was "an unprecedented increase in the number of new corona cases in the last week or so".

ただ、関係者全員 ―― 特に"私" ―― が、冷静さを欠き、『読者、置いてけぼり』にしてしまったような気もしています。

However, I just feel that everyone, especially I, has lost our cool and "forgot about the readers".



I'm deeply sorry.


However, we believe that we have described the very important things that people in Japan need right now.

だから―― 「見出しだけ」でいいから、読んでください。

So, please read this work, even if you read "headlines only".


For headlines only, there are only 13 lines.



I've talked about our FM transmitter before.


I received an email from a reader who gave me a lot of advice on this matter.


It's getting harder and harder to explain our FM transmitter installation environment just in writing, so I've sent the following free-hand drawing as an attachment of my e-mail.



By the way, I have some assets under my control,that I never hand over to others.


It is a "white board".


I have always wondered, why other people can communicate their thoughts to others, without specing them out (writing them out) on the whiteboard.


At least, I cannot "understand" or even "pretend to understand" other person's ideas that aren't speced out.



(Continuation from yesterday)


I've been saying this for a long time now, but the other thing I could say about this,

―― システム構築のセンスが絶望的にない

"many people are hopelessly lacking in the sense of system configuration"



I know the reason pretty clearly.

「モノを作らない/作れない」 ―― この一択です。

'They don't make/can't make things' -- this is one choice.

「情報工学」だの、「システム構築方法」だの、講義を受けたり、How to 本を読んでいる暇があるなら ――

If you have time reading "how to books" and attending lectures on "information engineering" and "how to build systems"


You can get 100 times more knowledge if you "create a poor app by yourself using a Raspberry Pi on the weekend."


"Writing 100 lines of code without sleeping" is 100 times faster than them.


In the first place, it's hard for me to think that a person who doesn't/can't make things can imagine the technical difficulty in their mind.



Well, even a person who uses only PowerPoint and Word can make event plans and business models.


However, I don't think that a person who does or cannot make things can invent.


An invention is a "creation of a technical idea" (Patent Law Article 1).


A technical idea is devised from experience through a technical approach, that is, "the experience of making things."


Those involved in the work of patented inventions, self-proclaimed an engineer Just using PowerPoint and Word are


"it's worse than a cashless person".


I think.


I just don't speak that, because,


I'm an office worker.



Lately, I've been participating in frequent brainstorming (BS) sessions to create ideas for inventions.


When it comes to invention creation, there is an unspoken rule of "no negative comments" in the middle of the BS.


One of the reasons is that in order to create an invention, "destruction" of the current paradigm of common sense is a prerequisite.


Simply, it is


"Creating an image of the world where "insane" is the norm"


more simply, it is


"Creating 'another world'"




I've recently discovered that, compared to others, I seem to be relatively 'good' at this 'another worldly' construction.


I like to think of the "insane world".


For example,

(1)ミサイルの着弾が3分後と確定した世界 → 被害は免れないが、この被害を最小にする為の情報システムは?

(1) A world where it is confirmed that the missile will land in three minutes → Damage is inevitable, but what is the information system to minimize this damage?

(2)日本の観測点の半分以上の最高気温が40度を越えと日々が20日ぶっつづけで続く世界 → 一日、千人~万人のオーダで発生する熱射病患者を、医療設備以外の手段でどうやって治療するか?

(2) More than half of the stations in Japan have a maximum temperature of over 40 degrees Celsius for 20 straight days → How do we treat tens of thousands of heatstroke patients a day, in tens of thousands of orders, by means other than medical equipment?

(3)特殊出生率が0.5までに下った世界 → 子どもの存在が珍しい世界における、子どもの育成方法や教育方法は?

(3) A world where the fertility rate has fallen to 0.5 → What are the methods of raising and educating children in a world where the existence of children is rare?


And, well, thinking about the world of extremes in this way helps us to see the "challenges".


―― 「発明」は難しくない。本当に難しいのは「その発明を必要とする課題」を見つけ出すことである

"Invention" is not hard. What is really hard is to find the "problem that requires the invention".


It is true that.


(To be continued)



(Continuation from yesterday)


For researchers and engineers, it is extremely stressful to make "what you can make or not".


Above all, "we can't know to make".


However, if you "know what you can do", the stress will drop to less than 1/100.


Because "I know there is a goal at the end of my hard work."


Even I can follow the technology already developed and used it.


Of course, there are tens to hundreds of trials and errors to get there.


However, it is (often) manageable with the effort and time of the individual.



In addition, "what we don't know if we can do it" is definitely exposed to radical and negative criticism from the public.


And in many cases, this radical and negative criticism kills people who try "what we don't know if we can do it".


In Japan, I don't know the reason, however there is no concept of "respect" or "support" for this "what we don't know if we can do it".


It is a choice of "crush".


This "national character of Japan that respects insidious uniformity" is a characteristic of Japanese people including myself.

そういう挑戦をしている人間を、私達、多くの凡人は『黙って看過する』ことすらできないのです ―― 自分に、1mmも不利益がないにもかかわらず。

Many ordinary people, like us, cannot even "silently overlook" those who are taking on such challenges --- even though we do not have a disadvantage at all.


天才とは何か ――

What is a genius?


It's not enough to "bear" these radical, negative criticisms, but to "turn a deaf ear" and "not be heard


"A person who is capable of going 'so mad that they lose their human emotions,' not just some 'madness' is not enough.


I think so.


And such 'so mad that they lose their human emotions' is outside the framework of the "happy life" framework.



Most people end their lives without even seeing the "genius" in them.


I have "seen" two "geniuses" in my lifetime.


I've been pretty lucky in my life for this reason.



"What separates the geniuses from the non-geniuses?"


I have described this story many times.


My observation result is that "Genius is unaware of their genius".


Therefore, they are confident that they are "everyday practice", "continuation is power" and "effort is rewarded".


So I don't like to give a sermon to others, and don't like a person who give a sermon to me more.


"Influenza disease with a lethal rate of" 100% "and a transmission rate of" 0% ""



Basically, this thoght is coming from the topic of


Each member of them becomes crazy.


Today, I would talk about the "crazy".



(1) The basic method of the atomic bomb was known very early on.


(2) However, it had to wait for the "Manhattan Project" to be realized.


(3) After the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, each country succeeded in development one after another.


There is a messy difference between this period (1)-(2) and the period (2)-(3).


As my feeling, it was a period from 1/10 to 1/20.


It was true that the spy of each country's spies and the presence of insiders were big reasons, howeer, the biggest thing was

―― 原子爆弾を「作ることができる」という事実

"The fact that we can "make" an atomic bomb"



(To be continued)



(Continuation from yesterday)


At home, if someone in my family is happy, that person has the right to claim


"praise her/him" (without asking why)


to another family member.


If someone in my family are angry at something/someone, that person has the right to claim to


"say 'you are right, your friend is bad"" (without asking why)


to another family member.



In many cases, we don't want the right analysis or assessment.


I just want them to say "Yes".


It is me who introduced this rights system to the Ebata family.


That aside.


最近の、"Stay Home"によって、江端家の無線LANの使用率は格段に上っています。

Recently, "Stay Home" has significantly increased the usage rate of Ebata's wireless LAN.


In order to investigate the dead zone of wireless LAN, I have an analyzer installed on my Pad, walk around the house. Thanks for my efforts, the number of WiFi repeaters every day are increasing, for deleting areas where my family is dissatisfied.


After the environment has improved, the claims have disappeared, but no gratitude is heard.


"There is no word of gratitude for my service"


When I said that,


Senior daughter: "I feel like being able to communicate is'normal' in this kind of infrastructure, so I tend to forget my appreciation."


She made that excuse and gave me a single thank-you note.


After that, I never heard the words of gratitude.



Everyone. Let's think more about those who maintain the infrastructures.


Thank you for letting me use water every day.


Thank you for letting me use electricity every day.


Thank you for letting me use gas every day.


Thank you for letting me use the road/railway every day.


When you get up in the morning, say this word of thanks in your heart.

もし、これを3日連続して忘れたら ―― 私が、あなたの家の真下にある「活断層」を活性化する"(邪)念"を送りますよ。

If you forget this for three days in a row, I will send you a "(wickedness) trigger" that activates the "Active Fault" in the basement of your house.