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定年を自覚したエンジニアがひねり出した“投資のHello Worldアプローチ”

"A New Theory of Action for Engineers Who Are Not Loved by Money(2)".

An engineer scoping retirement has come up with a "Hello World approach to investment



My work these days is "solitary".


No, I don't mean 'work is lonely'.


The "shut-in" itself is not a problem, since I have been confined to the laboratory for the last 10 years and went straight from the Corona Disaster to working from home.


On the contrary, I am of the category that was able to perform with the Corona Disaster.


Well, that's beside the point.



The target (one of the targets) of my research this year is "loneliness".


Loneliness is, of course, a problem in itself, but recent studies have shown that the negative impact on society caused by loneliness is going to be serious.

まあ、仕事の内容については、詳しくお話できませんが ―― やはり、驚くべきことは、

Well, I can't tell you more about the job description -- however, the amazing thing is that,

―― その研究の担当者(の一人)が、この私(江端)である

"It is me that one of the people in charge of this research




In my family, I seem to be treated like the 'opposite vector of loneliness'.


I think I "like being alone" more than I "can stand being alone".


"Eat alone than go out for a drink"," "Study alone with mind map rather than brainstorm in a group," "Tennis or skiing rather than baseball or soccer"

一体、会社は、何を考えているんだ、と疑うレベルです ―― 「全く何も考えていない」かもしれませんが、案外「考え抜かれた人事」かもしれない、と思うこともあります。

I'm at the point where I wonder what on earth the company is thinking -- it may be "thinking nothing at all," but I sometimes wonder if it might be "thoughtful HR".


Because a man like me, after retirement or the bereavement of a loved one, will soon be "wandering around in the darkness of loneliness,"

『ドタバタ』が人生のデフォルトの奴が、体や脳の障がいによって、今のパフォーマンスが発揮できなくなったら ―― 本当に、それは、あっという間にやってくると思います。

If a guy whose life default is "slapstick" is unable to perform as well as he does now due to a physical or brain disability -- I really think it will come very, very quickly.

『「孤独」の毒が全身に回った時には、もう手遅れ』 ―― これが、私の想定される未来です。

By the time the poison of "loneliness" has reached my entire body, it will be too late" -- this is my envisioned future.



Perhaps this year I will write a patent specification with "loneliness" as the "problem to be solved".


After all, I have even written patent specifications, presented at conferences, and submitted papers using a system that utilizes "anger" and "frustration".

"ネガティブの感情" ―― フォースのダークサイド ―― の活用方法に関して、私の右に出るものは ―― 少ないと思います。

I don't think anyone is more knowledgeable than I am about how to utilize "negative emotions" -- the dark side of the Force.



This series of articles is a study work on how to successfully convert the "dark side of the Force" to "money (cash)" in my retirement.


The important thing is that if I don't do it before the 'loneliness' poison turns, it will be completely too late.


I am quite impatient.


It is true.



I used to think that the best invention I had seen in my lifetime was the peeler.


However, the year before last, it lost the top spot to "mRNA vaccines".


The top spot remains unchanged, but a new competitor to the runner-up, the peeler, has appeared on the scene.


It is "Power Grid"




This is amazing.


My hanging limit time has increased from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.


I found that the "Power Grid" can support my weight not only by my grip strength, but also by a band wrapped around my arm, so that I can hang on even with a weak grip.


However, the bars in my room are very narrow between the ceiling and the bars, so the elastic (rubber) that wraps around the palm is difficult to wrap around and takes a lot of work.


The body must be lifted high enough to get the elastic to wrap around the palm, so we are now using a stepladder to get closer to the ceiling.



And I thought this could be the ultimate weapon to save elementary school students.

さか上がり ―― それは、私が『愚劣教育の極み』と断定した、体育ハラスメントである、鉄棒運動の技の一つです。

"kick over" ---- It is one of the techniques of bar exercises, which I have determined to be 'the ultimate in foolish education' and physical education harassment.


I am not sure if the Power Grid can be successfully applied to "kick over", but if it can be used successfully, I am hopeful that it will provide relief to children (including myself, once upon a time) who are struggling with "kick over" in one fell swoop.


The fact that anyone can do "kick over" with the use of aids is enough to diminish the value of "kick over" and erase the significance of "kick over" from the educational field.



世の中には、『外で遊ばない子どもは成績が悪い』 ―― ということを、何がなんでも主張したい大人が多いようです。

"There seem to be many adults in the world who want to insist at all costs that "children who don't play outside get bad grades"


But, as I wrote, I am really sick and tired of the "children playing outdoors" cultures.


I wonder what kind of people are talking about "respect for diversity" and "emphasis on individuality".

「とじこもり続け」「コミュニケーションを忌避する」 ―― そういう子どもを、そのままに認めることを、"ダイバーシティ"って言うのです。

A "shut-in" or "communicative disorder" - to accept such a child as he or she is is called "diversity.



Solo camping (camping alone) has recently become popular.


When I was a young man, I used to post a set of camps on my motorcycle and go touring.


And people who have "never been" camping, or sometimes even people who have "been", tend to forget the following.

―― テントの居住性って、最悪です

"Tent habitability is the worst"


It is usually either as hot as a sauna or as cold as the open air.


Naturally, we cannot get a good night's sleep.


The next day, dragging my lead-like body, we have to move on.


I once went on a touring trip to Hokuriku in GW, but I reached my physical limit on the second day and had to stay at a business hotel on the third day.


I was exhausted and convinced that if I continued on my motorcycle trip, I would 'cause an accident'.



In the first place, we humans are a species that has evolved by abandoning the idea of living in nature, building houses, cities, and means of transportation.


A reckless desire to return to nature, without preliminary training, can be deadly.

ソロキャンのデビューは、経験者とともに、十分な回数を積んでから ―― を、強くお勧めします。

I strongly recommend that you make your solo camping debut only after you have done the camp enough times with an experienced person.


To the worst case, you may become a "hermit" who decides that "home is best" for the rest of your life.


バックパックを背負って、世界中(おもにアジア)を放浪していた私 ―― あれは「別の世界線の私」です。

Wandering around the world (mainly in Asia) with a backpack on my back - that was "me on another world line".


With many sacrifices, I have arrived at the "current world line" where "home is best".



I run two websites, one in html, which I have been doing since 1993, and the other in WordPress, which I newly started two years ago.


The WordPress admin screen shows the ranking of read posts.


And now, the No. 1 article of the month is this one.




I feel pretty using this trial, and hang out three times daily.


I am doing better at pull-ups than hanging, and I can now do about 10 pull-ups in a row by hitting my head against the ceiling, pulling 5 cm away from it, and flailing my legs to gain momentum.


And after the pull-ups, I move on to hanging, which is honestly more painful, and I can't hang for more than 20 seconds.


I wear rubber gloves for construction work and hang on, but after 20 seconds, my grip becomes unbearable and I fall off.



I have learned that this grip strength problem is a common problem for people who are doing muscle training.


So today, I went to Amazon and bought something called "Power Grip".



I am not interested in muscle training, but I discovered something new: 'If there is an "iron bar" in my field of vision, I kind of want to hang on to it.



Before the advent of the PC, computers were mainframes.


It is what is called a cluster of giant calculators that sit on a vast floor.


Although the installation is similar to today's data centers, the content is completely different.


It is similar in appearance to a supercomputer, but differs in that a supercomputer is not a general-purpose computer (equipped with a general-purpose OS and general-purpose language).



Japan was once the world's leading mainframe powerhouse.


This was largely due to the work of the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) (now the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).


At the time, the world wanted IBM mainframes.


The same was true of Japanese industry and universities.


However, MITI thoroughly "interfered" with this.


'It must have the same performance. Then buy a Japanese mainframe.


Well, in this way, the Japanese mainframe industry continued to be protected, and the market has grown to the point where it rivals that of IBM.



Now, it seems that our country has recently embarked on a policy of protecting "homegrown quantum computers".


I am watching this move with great interest.


I used to do a series of articles on quantum computers for about six months.


My view at the time was,


"Quantum computers are still in the research phase"



A year and a half has passed since the last issue of the series. Have there been any new technological developments that have entered the practical stage?



According to news reports,


"The government is planning to establish four new research and human resource development centers, including at Tohoku University, and has set a goal of 10 million users of quantum technology by 2030."

They are very specific.


Of course, I have no reason to oppose a policy of protection for "homegrown quantum computers," whether in the research or practical stage.



My concern is not with the researchers, but with the government.


A "homegrown quantum computer" would require a huge, long-term budget, on the order of 20 to 50 years.


I am concerned about whether they can continue to budget patiently enough to withstand this.


The most likely scenario is that,


"If the U.S. and China back out (or give up) on the development of quantum computers, the government will immediately terminate the budget."



In the past, they have had a proven track record.


Like the drama "The Housekeeper Watches",

奥様、わたしみちゃったんです ―― シグマプロジェクト、エキスパートシステム、最近では国産半導体プロジェクトなどを、政府が放り投げて、逃げちゃったとこ。

I saw it, ma'am -- the government threw away the Sigma project, the Expert System, and more recently, the domestic semiconductor project, and ran away.


もし上記のプロジェクトが継続できていたら、インターネットや、現在のAIは、日本がオリジンになっていた可能性が ・・・ あったかなぁ? ちょっと自信ないなぁ。

If the above project had continued, the Internet and the current AI could have originated in Japan..... No, that's not possible.


But, honestly, I think that Japanese researchers are not 'crazy' enough.

そういう私も、未知の研究に対しては、熱意の持続時間が短い方だと思います ―― 日本政府と同様に。

As such, I think I also have a short duration of enthusiasm for unknown research -- just like the Japanese government.


私の娘たちは、原則、他人に対して愛想の良い人間です ―― 私と同様に。

My daughters are, as a rule, amiable to others -- just like me.


Well, seriously.


I, at work, am very amiable.


I am convinced that I could write a whole column on the subject of "Amiability as a Strategy.



It was at a part-time job where my daughter used to work that she had a problem with a senior customer who sent her an email.


Apparently, the man sent her a long email describing "my illustrious past".


She was having trouble coping and the consultation fell to me.

娘は、そのお客さんに『業務』で愛想よくしていたのですが、お客さんは、娘が『好意』で愛想していた、と ―― まあ、これは、シニアだけでなく、どこにでもあるような話です。

My daughter was being sociable with the customer in her 'business', but the customer came to think that she was being sociable with him in her 'favor', and -- well, this is a story that seems to be everywhere, not just with seniors.

『今の自分ではなくて、"昔の武勇伝"を伝えたいシニア』 ―― これは、もう、飲み会における、若手に対するハラスメントNo1案件でしょう。

Senior who wants to tell his "old saga" instead of his "current self" - this is probably the No. 1 case of harassment against young people at a drinking party.


But at the same time, it is a familiar story to me.



As you know, I write and publish quite a huge amount of text every day.


And I am abusing the link (quote) of this text in emails and documents.


Although this is an act of 'I want to convey my thoughts from the past, with no explanations,' I think it is harassment enough for the reader.

―― まあ、リンクはスキップできるから、まだ、上記のシニアの方よりは、罪が少ない

-- well, readers can skip the link, so still less culpable than the senior above.


So I have ignored the fact.


Still, there is no difference in 'I want to talk about my past.


Let's admit the fact that I, am also a "senior who wants to tell the 'saga of the past'".


Seniors are poor creatures.


But I don't ask you to understand.


Because eventually you will understand.



Now, in troubleshooting the above, I instructed my daughter to send the following email.

====== メール文面 ここから ======

====== Email text from here ======


Regarding your email, I discussed this with my father who is in charge of the IP department at his company.


He warned me that "Known or just in a situation where I could know, will make me involve in violation of the Personal Data Protection Law (rightful offender), and Possible penalties"


I apologize to you, however I have just erased all your emails I have received.


I would appreciate it if you would refrain from sending us any such e-mails in the future.



====== メール文面 ここまで ======

====== Email text to here ======

この一件、その後、無事? 完了したようです(報告は聞いていません)

This one seems to have been completed successfully since then (I have not heard a report).

まあ、バックエンドに、知財部(との知り合いと一緒に仕事をしたことのある)父がいて、そこに「仁王立ち」で立っているという絵柄は ――

Well, on the back end, the picture of her father, who has worked with an acquaintance in the IP department (with whom I have worked), standing proudly behind her -----


I think the this was a great threat (fear), that would have been enough to destroy the "old saga" harassment.


1-9-5 で、やっとマルチ画面のバグが取れた。


それにしても、emacsのshellモードって、凄くない?  出力中のprint文で検索かけれるエディタなんて、他にあるかなぁ


コラムの読者の方から勧められた本、「まぐれ」が面白い ―― です。

A reader of the column recommended the book, "Fooled by Randomness" -- which is interesting.


I think the introduction's sentence, "Why do people think it's their own ability when they make a profit on an investment and think it's bad luck when they lose money?" in the introduction.


I have "used" or rather "abused" the "Monte Carlo method" frequently mentioned in this book.


It is really easy to get a quick probability value answer with a simple program rather than a complicated formula.


I used to use the Monte Carlo method all the time in my columns around here, and it was really useful.


(A reader has since successfully formulated it.)


Aside from that.



As a mathematical analysis engineer, it is common sense to me to say, 'If you start playing the game, you lose at that point.


It seems to me that I have done too many calculations in the past to believe that I am the only one who can win.


I have lived a life of "if you don't play the game, you won't lose" which has enabled me to read books, write columns, do programming, and eat rice.

これって、結構な『勝ち』だと思っています ―― あまり目立ちませんが。

I think this is quite a 'win' -- although not very noticeable.



Oh, I would like to take this opportunity to report on the progress.

『ウォール街のランダムウォーカー』 バートン・マルキール → 未読

"Random Walkers on Wall Street" Barton Malkiel -> Unread

『すばらしき株式投資 Learn to Earn 』 ピーター・リンチ → 未読

"Learn to Earn" Peter Lynch, -> unread

『ファスト&スロー』 ダニエル・カーネマン → 既読

Fast & Slow" Daniel Kahneman → read

『まぐれ』ニコラス・タレブ → 既読

"Fooled by Randomness" Nicholas Taleb -> read

『ブラックスワン』ニコラス・タレブ → 既読

"Black Swan" Nicholas Taleb → read

『マネーボール』マイケル・ルイス →既読

"Moneyball" Michael Lewis → read

『フラッシュボーイズ』 マイケル・ルイス →既読

"Flash Boys" Michael Lewis →read




In particular, "Flash Boys" is a highly praised book by Ebata that I can't tell you how many times I've read it.

# 映画化のストーリーの酷さには、目も眩むほどでしたが(本当に、あれは無駄な時間でした)

# I was dazzled by how bad the story of the film adaptation was (really, that was a waste of time).


Anyway, after reading "Flash Boys," I understood on a soul level that "ordinary people trading are just going to get eaten alive.


In my current series, "The Engineer who is not loved by money", I have only 'index investing' as an option.


Well, I'll get back to this story at some point.



Today, I moderated a remote meeting of 80 members.


Japanese are said to be punctual, but that seems to be "only at the start".

―― 日本人の多くは、プレゼン発表をやらせると、大抵時間内に終わらせることができない

"Many Japanese, when asked to give a presentation, usually fail to finish it in time"


They are too unaware of how uninteresting and boring their presentations are to almost everyone else.


I must have warned them at least five times, 'You have six minutes,' but the shortest presentation was eight minutes, and some exceeded 12 minutes.



I, as the moderator of the meeting


(1) Declared skipping of question-and-answer session of a session whose time has expired.


(2) Forced to stop accepting questions one minute before,


(3) Waited for 5 seconds for questions only, then nominated attendees in a person directly


The meeting was forced with a declaration of the adoption of a method called

―― 司会者の仕事は、時間内にイベントを完了すること

"The moderator's job is to complete the event on time"



A moderator who cannot control the occasion and time is as good as "not there".


ところで、江端のコラムは、コメントの90%以上に『長い』と書かれていますが ―― 私は、悪くありません。

By the way, Ebata's column is described as 'long' in over 90% of the comments -- however, I am not


If you feel painful for "long" sentences, you don't have to read them.


To begin with, what I am writing is a column.


"Column" is a form of literature, the same genre as the novel.


The subjects my columns deal with just happen to be technology, mathematics and statistical results.


Where in the world does anyone complain that "a novel is too long"?



In contrast, no one can "escape" from the organization's meetings.


An uncontrolled, lazy meeting is pretty much hell for the audience.


Therefore, it is no problem to say that a moderator who cannot control the occasion and time is "annoyingly low".



Yesterday, I went to Utsunomiya City on business.


And I had to run around to some key locations to do some field work.


Cabs cannot see the area in detail and motorcycles are dangerous, so permission to use them is not granted without a tedious application process.


Then, "bike rental" is a candidate.


I was convinced that my legs would break if I didn't use an electric bike.


I called Utsunomiya City Rental Cycle and was told that all electric bicycles would be out of service within 10 minutes of the 8:00 start time.


I arrived at Utsunomiya at 7:30 a.m. using the first train and the Shinkansen, and was at the front of the line.


Still, I was very happy to be able to rent an electric bicycle without incident.



Still, while on the move, I had a pretty bad situation with my phone running out of power and a hunger knock at the same time.



When I found McDonald's in front of me, I really thanked God for the help.


From now on, I will continue to say "Mac is the best".



So today, I calculated the route length in order to prepare the inspection report, and I was surprised.


Total distance, 43.46 km


Of course, electric bicycles are great, but I decided to think, 'I'm pretty cool too.