本日、Zoom Webinerを使った学会発表を終えてきました。

Today, I finished my conference presentation using Zoom Webiner.

―― 心底、疲れた

"I'm really, really tired"


I made 44 presentation materials, 3 video clips with English titles.


In addition, how many people I've involved and how much time I've wasted, to approve a demo system for an external presentation and to get it through the firewall.


I spent GW writing a lot of English, and I spent the last two weekends practicing my presentation.



And today, I have been speaking bullshit English for 25 minutes straight.


During the question and answer session, I answered loudly and confidently with answers that, in hindsight, were way off the mark.


(Well, this is what the IETF taught me)


でね、プレゼンテーション画面に、翻訳エンジンの画面を表示してしまって ―― 聴講者に『ズルしていること』が、全部バレました。

So, I displayed the translation engine screen on the presentation screen, and The audience found out that I was cheating.


All of my presentations are being recorded and will be shown in video clips throughout the conference period.



Well, but this is good.


"The Reality of International Conference Presentations for Engineers Who Don't Love English"


It should be that, I think.



My junior daughter called me from downstairs, so I poked my head out of my room to see what she was going on.


"Right now, your temperature is 37.6 degrees"


"Oh, that has come. Is there anything else?"


"No, it's just that when I thought it was hot today, it was my body that was heated"


"Turn on the air conditioner and go back to sleep"


The day before yesterday, she had a vaccination at the university, and she seems to have had an adverse reaction within the expected range.


For my wife and I, it was just a matter of 'aching arms', but my teenage daughter seems to have been experiencing the phenomenon of 'fever' since the first session, as I had obtained beforehand.


This information was basically the same as what was announced in advance on NHK news, etc., so I didn't panic.



However, this issue panicked me.


My mother, who is in a nursing home, was hospitalized in an emergency immediately after the first round of vaccinations.


This is a bit complicated (and probably useful information), so I'll talk more about it later, but in conclusion


(1) The hospital's diagnosis that adverse reactions such as "anaphylaxis" were not the cause, and the doctor's opinion of "No one can deny that vaccination may have been a trigger"

(2) 母の退院後の、医師、施設の担当者、ケアマネージャーのそれぞれへの、私(江端)によるインタビュー

(2) Interviews by me (Ebata) with doctors, facility staff, and care managers after my mother was discharged from the hospital.

(3) メリット、デメリットの全てを書き出したレポート(メモ)を使った姉との協議

(3) Discussion with my sister using the report (memo) that I wrote down all the advantages and disadvantages.


Based on the above, I made a last-minute decision and gave the "go" for my mother's second vaccination.

無論、私の判断が、(父と同様に)『母を(も)殺す決断を下すこと』になるかもしれませんが ――

Of course, my decision may end up killing my mother as well as my father.


I will ask my mother to give up the 'bad luck of having such a son.



I believe that many people are confused about the new Corona vaccination.

私は、(シバタ医師から頂いた情報から)自分にできる最大限の調査と勉強を行ったという自負がありますが、それでも ――

I am proud to say that I did the best research and study I could (from the information Dr. Shibata gave me), but still--


At least, I know that the fear of giving someone's life (parents, etc.) except just for my life, is a terrible thing.

だが、それでも、私たちは、自分の命と、他人の命の為に、決断しなければならない ―― 今は、そういう時なのです。

But still, we have to make decisions for our own lives and the lives of others. Now is the time.



The fourth state of emergency has been declared by the Corona disaster in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and restaurants are being asked to close and stop serving alcoholic beverages.


And the minister in charge of economic revitalization caused a stir when he said that financial institutions will be asked to work with restaurants that refuse to stop serving alcoholic beverages or do not respond to requests to close.


As soon as I heard this, I knew in my gut that this would be impossible.


I thought it was too much to ask, not only legally, but also as a request from the government (public office).



As an image,


"Old men on the board of the neighborhood association pressuring local stores to donate money for the summer festival"




"A group of old ladies who want to dance on the podium at Bon Odori without asking and set up the schedule without permission."


It's a way of extending that kind of behavior, I thought.


しかし、この発想 ―― 嫌いじゃない。

But this idea -- I don't hate it.


If I were him, I'd plan something even more outrageous.

―― 営業時間外酒類提供をしている店舗の密告制度の導入

"Introduce a tip-off system for stores that serve alcohol after hours"


People who find such stores and report them will receive a few hundred yen in electronic money (bitcoin, etc.).


As for the informant's personal information, for example, if it is just a bitcoin ID number, it is impossible to trace it back to the informant (which is why bitcoin is a good method for money laundering).



How about the introduction of such a system similar to the "Tonari Gumi(mutual-aid system)" system during the Pacific War?


The song "Tonari Gumi" contains the lyrics "help you, help me", but in reality, it also had the function of making residents monitor each other (jump to Youtube).


People who would speak out about Japan's defeat in the war were tipped off and taken to the police.


This kind of snitching was called 'stabbing'.


This kind of behavior is a common phenomenon in national emergencies, both in ancient and modern times.


In other words, "the people limit their own private rights, and in the end, they tighten their own necks.



The ongoing "desperate" tag-team match between the government and us in the corona disaster might be going,


in the future,


"People at that time were all fools who used infectious diseases as an excuse to be manipulated by the government (state power)"

と軽蔑される可能性は ―― 残念ですけど ―― かなり高いです。

The possibility of us being disrespected like this are -- I'm sorry to say -- quite high.



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A few years after I joined the company, I was the head of the company's tennis club.


On the day of the in-house tennis tournament, it had been heavy raining since the morning, so I sent an email to the participants instructing them to cancel the tournament.


In the afternoon, however, the weather changed and it became sunny.


Some of the participants complained, "The weather forecast said it would be sunny in the afternoon...."


However, I wanted to ask them

―― お前なら、じゃじゃ降りの雨を見ながら、午後からの試合の実施を決断できるか?

"Would you be able to make the decision to hold the game in the afternoon while watching the heavy rain pour down?"



Even if the weather cleared in the afternoon, the event would only be postponed.


It should be much better than forcing the game to be played in the rain.


Thus, "cancel" or "postpone" is the optimal strategy to 'postpone the problem'.



However, it is also true that "cancel" or "postpone" is a card that cannot be played again and again.


In the above example, for the next tournament, we will be forced to make a decision between 'playing in a downpour' or 'cancelling this year's in-house tournament'.


If you are in charge of implementation, it is only natural that you would be more likely to choose to hold the game in a downpour.


...No, no, it's just a memory.


そういえば、昨日、第4度目の緊急事態宣言 + 東京五輪の1都3県の「無観客開催」が決定したようです。

Oh, by the way, it seems that yesterday, the fourth state of emergency was declared + the decision was made to hold the Tokyo Olympics in one or three prefectures "without spectators".



I think we should call it a "grassroots 'discrimination' movement".


I believe that the "freedom not to be vaccinated" is a right that should be absolutely protected.


However, I believe that we are within our "discretion" when it comes to how we, as individuals, respond to those who do not vaccinate.


As the patriarch of the Ebata family, I will exercise my right of "freedom of contract (Civil Code Article 531)" against the "freedom not to be vaccinated.

―― 新型コロナワクチン接種をしていない者の、江端家家屋への立ち入りは、これを拒否する

"Persons who refuse to receive the new corona vaccine shall be denied access to the Ebata family home"


This, I declare.


However, if I exercise this "now", my daughters will not be able to come home, so I will start applying it a little later.



My wife and I have a second date set for the week after next (if the Pfizer vaccine is delivered on time).


My second daughter will have her first vaccination (Moderna) tomorrow at the university.


Currently, the vaccination of my senior daughter has been delayed.


It can't be helped that both the vaccination at work and the vaccination at city hall are no longer being accepted.



Vaccinations need to be given in large doses at once, within the shortest possible time frame.


The fewer the number of carriers of the virus, the lower the risk of infection and, of course, the lower the incidence of mutations.


The incidence of mutant strains is accurately reflected in the number of carriers.


世界最凶最悪の変異株が『日本株』という名前で呼ばれる日 ―― なんてのは、シャレになりません。

The day when the world's worst coronavirus variant is called "Japanese variant". Nobody will expect the day.


"Atomic bomb" and "nuclear power plant (accident)" are enough for us.



I think it's probably true for many players that "having an audience improves their motivation.


However, I don't really understand this "fact" as I have been athletically illiterate all my life, thoroughly avoided team play, and only played individual sports such as tennis and skiing.


For example, during a tennis match, when I'm thinking about how to hit a service shot, if people are cheering loudly for me, I comt to think that

―― うるさい! 集中できないから、静かにしていろ!!

"Shut up! I can't concentrate, so keep it down!"



When I saw a TV broadcast of a sumo tournament without an audience, I was so impressed by the tranquility of the battle that I thought, "Sumo is such a beautiful sport.

相手の投手のヤジる野球の試合と、選手をヤジろうものなら大問題となる剣道の試合 ―― 同じスポーツなのに、これを「文化の違い」の一言で纏めていいのだろうか、と思っています。

A baseball game where they yell at the opposing pitcher, and a Kendo game where they can get in big trouble if they try to yell at a player -- Can we just call these "cultural difference" ?


Of course, I hate any sport where it is "normal" to have players (not spectators) yelling at opposing players during a game.


Furthermore, the words "away" and "home" are already not "beautiful" in sports competitions.



Therefore, I would like to affirm "no audience" not reluctantly, but logically and positively.


I believe that there is a beauty in sports events that are held without spectators that we do not yet know.


まあ、私の見解に、賛同者が"少ない"、というか、"いない"のは ―― よく分かっています。

Well, I am well aware that there are "few" or even "no" people who agree with my opinion.


Dockerfileに書き込んでしまったhttp_proxyやら https_proxyの設定、

ENV http_proxy

ENV https_proxy  (← https://でない?)

は、docker-compose.ymlの environmentの上書きでは消せなかった




■docker-compose up


■Docker-compose run

runコマンドはdocker run -tiのように機能する。

■Docker-compose start