(Continuation from yesterday)

Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that the elderly cannot change.

私の中にある、もっとも古い記憶は ―― 小さいブラウン管の白黒テレビです。

The earliest memory I have is of a small cathode-ray tube black and white TV.

記憶にはないのですが、私の時代と重なっているはずのことでは ―― 冷蔵庫とは、近所までやってくる「氷屋」から氷の塊を購入して、それを庫内に入れる、というものでした。

I don't remember that, however, as far as my time is concerned, a refrigerator was one where they would buy a block of ice from an "ice man" who would come to your neighborhood and put it in the refrigerator.


The washing machine was a two-tank type, and dehydration was done with manual rollers.



I think the microwave oven initially cost about 400,000 yen.


A word processor was about 2 million yen.


A PC-9800 without an OS was about 500,000 yen for a full set.


Anyone who could use a computer (before they were called "Otaku") was the "perfect technical elite".

しかし ―― 今や、スマホは国民全員が所有するものと『決めつけられました』。

However -- we have now been 'decided' that every citizen should own a smartphone.


Self-employed people are forced to use their PCs to file their tax returns, and citizens are encouraged to use their My Number cards to obtain documents for government services at convenience stores.


何がいいたいかというと ―― デジタル化について行けない、私たち高齢者はそんなに『悪い』か?

What I'm trying to say is -- are we older people so 'bad' that we can't keep up with the digitalization?



No, no, no, I understand.


I know that I am the one who is blaming the elderly for not being able to use digital technology.


To be frank,

―― もし、あなたが、同じような時系列、立場で、技術の進化やイノベーションに追い立てられたとして、『普通に今のデジタル技術を使いこなすことができた』と断言できますか?

"If you were driven by technological evolution and innovation in a similar timeline and position, can you say with certainty that you could normally use today's digital technology?




Well, all you elderly people, including me.


Not all of them, of course, but the majority of the people were able to go about their lives in a peaceful country without being directly involved in the ravages of war.


Hopefully, we will not be directly involved in the ravages of war and will be able to die.


We've been caught up in a "digital" disaster, but let's just say it's tolerable.

私たちが邪険にされ続けることで、私たちの世界はより良くなって行くのです ―― 多分。

The more we continue to be wicked, the better our world will become -- maybe.



I think I've written a little bit in this column about how "ageing itself becomes a 'power'".

能力がなくても、実績がなくても、高齢者は権力になる ―― これは、「儒教の敬老思想」の負の側面です。

Even if they are not capable or have no achievements, the elderly come to get the power -- this is the negative side of the Confucian concept of respect for the elderly.


No one can resist an elderly person who is capable and has a good track record.


It is natural.


加えて、人間は、高齢になればなるほど、パラダイムを変えるのが辛くなります ―― もちろん、私も辛い。

In addition, the older we get, the harder it is to change the paradigm -- and of course, the harder it is for me.


As I mentioned before, it took me several years to get "marital separation" and more than ten years to get "gay marriage".


The self-learning (self-study) to understand these things was long and painful.


If you don't know how hard this is, imagine yourself and your family in a realistic way.

―― 血縁婚(兄弟婚、姉弟婚、兄妹婚、姉妹婚、親子婚)

"Blood marriage (brother marriage, sister marriage, brother-sister marriage, sister marriage, parent-child marriage)"


Try to simulate them in your mind how much time and study you will be able to accept them.

(という事例でいいのかな? )

(Is that a good example? )





- The elderly have power.


- Paradigm shift for the elderly is as difficult as accepting "real blood marriage".


Can't you think of it that way?


Yeah, you can't do that.


I understand.


If we assume that,


- The concept of "mutual understanding based on the premise that the elderly cannot change their minds.



- Technology to naturally remove elderly people from the top of the organization.


I believe that these will be the social solutions of the future.



Now, I am using SQL statements to read out the necessary information from the database (PostgreSQL) containing the simulation results.

―― SQL、まじパねっす

"SQL is really cool"


I'm very impressed.


Once you get used to SQL statements, you can easily create the columns of data you want, with the freedom to link between tables. It's like magic.


I am now using it in conjunction with QGIS (a GIS application), and it is very easy for me to create drawings.



However, SQL is a very counter-intuitive interface, and if you are going to use it in an advanced way, it can be quite cumbersome.


Even though it is SQL,

―― ラクをする為には、凄く苦労しなければならない

"You'll have to work very hard to be easy"


This is a common contradiction in programming.



I'm confident that if I had access to SQL (or Golang) all year round, I would be able to write processing programs on the spot.


(For C/C++, I believe I'm close to this realm)

年次報告書やら、特許明細書やら、予算管理のエクセル表の作成やら、発明相談会やら、幹部報告会資料や、社外発表審査書類や、顧客殿向けデモやら、学会発表やら ――

Annual reports, patent specifications, Excel spreadsheets for budget management, invention consultations, executive briefing materials, external presentation review documents, customer demonstrations, conference presentations, etc.


If I can live in a world where there is no such thing, I can declare, "I will become the SQL King!"



If I don't create things myself and outsource the programming and SQL, it is natural that my technical skills will decline.


However, it is also true that I cannot continue to be a member of society if I am obsessed with making things.


On the other hand, if senior engineers, who have neither humanity nor connections, lose their technical skills, what will be left?

難しいのは「リソース配分」―― つまり「バランス」です。

The difficult part is "resource allocation" - in other words, "balance"。


東京オリンピックがどうなるのか ―― 開催国の国民として興味があります。

As a citizen of the host country, I am interested in where the Tokyo Olympics is going.


We are currently in the midst of an unprecedented disaster: a global viral outbreak.


Historically speaking, it would not have been surprising if a nation or two had been wiped off the face of the earth.



The Olympics is a national event.

当然に、開催実施、延期、または中止を含む、いくつかのシナリオがあるに違いない ―― と、多くの人は考えていると思います。

Naturally, there must be several scenarios, including implementation, postponement, or cancellation -- and I think many people are thinking that.


However, I would like to cast my vote for 'the second scenario is not prepared.



This is because when I am a project leader, I don't think about multiple scenarios, or rather, I can't think about them.


Preparing for multiple scenarios requires a considerable investment of human resources, time, and money, but basically, there is no room for that at the project site.

一番怖いのは、現場を理解していない、現場指揮官の投入です ―― だいたいプロジェクトの失敗は、この指揮官から始まります。

The scariest thing is to have a field commander who doesn't understand the field -- -- Most project failures start with this commander.


This is because it is rare that a first-rate field commander is assigned to a burning site.



A commander who can grasp the field is an ace in any department. No department wants to let go of its ace.


And that ace can instantly understand the burning condition of the scene. And he/she would refuse to participate at all costs.


As a result, a "useless," "unnecessary," and "helpless" commander is assigned to the burning site, and the project is headed for accelerated collapse.


Well, it may be a bit too violent to discuss the Olympics and private projects in the same sentence.



The other thing is that "failure" does not require a specific scenario.


With a scenario, it is possible to lead a failure to a soft landing.


However, whether it is a soft landing or a hard landing, in the end, "failure is failure.


There are few people who have an eye for the approach of failure. The number of people who have an aesthetic appreciation for failure is almost nonexistent.



I don't know where the Tokyo Olympics is going.


But I ,who has been forced to be "in the field" a lot, think that


"No criticism, no condemnation, no support, no praise, no advice, just silence"



「数字で救う! 弱小国家」というマンガが面白いです。

The manga whose title is "Saving a Weak Nation by the Numbers!" This is a very interesting comic book.

# パパのkindleで読めるぞ > 娘たち

# You can read this on Dad's Kindle > my daughters


I found that there is also a paperback version. I'm considering buying it.



As I've explained in my previous in "AI Series", this books include


- Game Theory


- Auction Theory


and, I am impressed by the very clear use cases in the story.


Also, "Holt-Winsters method" and "Lanchester's Law", which I have not known about, come to appear in the book.


I was reading the manga while looking these up on WikiPedia.


I've been vigilantly thinking about using the "Lanchester's Law" method of comparing forces in my columns.


At this age, I have finally come to understand the difference between "simple interest calculation" and "compound interest calculation".


(These are similar to the "consumer finance" and "Amway" stories we talked about before.)



The consistent policy of this manga (library) is "thoroughgoing strategy for the weak".


If I were to put myself in my shoes. I could think,

―― 学閥、人脈、コネ一切なしの、シニアのサラリーマンエンジニアの「ぼっち戦略」

""A lonely strategy" of a senior salaried engineer without any academic cliques, connections, etc."



I told you this before, too.

―― 「弱い」は、突き詰めれば「強い」

""Weak" is "strong" when I master it."


I learned a lot from this story.



So, to all the young people of Japan, the world's leading math-phobic nation.


If you are a "loner" and want to survive in the future, math is going to be a great weapon.



Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.


踊るバズワード ~Behind the Buzzword(11)ブロックチェーン(5):

「ブロックチェーン」に永遠の愛を誓う ~神も法もかなわぬ無敵の与信システム


Dancing Buzzword - Behind the Buzzword (10) Blockchain(4)

Pledge Eternal Love to the Blockchain: An Invincible Credit System that Defies God and the Law



In this series about blockchain, I'm waging a negative critique of Bitcoin, but the truth is, I'm not really interested in whether I'm right or wrong.


The reason is that we will eventually find out whether Bitcoin will fail or become a fixture in the online world.

実際のところ、私は、私の知識とロジックで、持論を展開していますが ―― 結構な頻度で「予測を外してきました」。

As a matter of fact, I've been "missing predictions" quite often -- although I have my own theories, with my own knowledge and logic.


In other words, I've made a mistake.

そりゃそうでしょう。間違えますよ ―― 私、神様じゃないんだから。

Of course you're right. I'll make a mistake -- I'm not God.



However, it seems that there are many people in the world who are reluctant to admit mistakes.


"keep silent," or "reopen," or "make endless excuses", etc.


To be honest, I think this guy is painful.



Engineers and researchers are continually betrayed by their hypotheses every day.


In my case, every day, I am constantly denied my ideas by the simulations I have created, by the circuits I have created , and the devices I have created.

その結果を見て『いや! 私は間違っていない!!』と言い張っても、意味がありません。

After looking at the results, there is a meaningless to say "I am not wrong!"


Because that will only tighten my own neck.



Trained engineers/researchers act on the assumption that they are "wrong".


It's not embarrassing to make mistakes.

間違えることは、正しい答に辿りつく最短のアプローチであり、そして、「間違え続けることが、私たちの仕事」であって ――

Making mistakes is the quickest way to get to the right answer, and it's our job to keep making mistakes.


Then, "clarify the cause of the mistake and the reason for it" is a set of steps.




The reader of my book, which I introduced the other day, has continued to provide me with further information on matters related to the "Death with Dignity Declaration.


Here is an overview in bullet points (for me).


- Prepare an account that the lawyer can withdraw from (for hospitalization and funeral).


- For the above, you can make an individual contract with a lawyer.


- Make a settlement account (interest free) and put money for the time being in it.


- The requirements for adult guardianship are quite strict.


I (Ebata) have also considered using this system when my father signed up for newspapers on his own.


However, at that time, I was told by the care services that my application was highly likely to be rejected because of the "reasonable and prompt" response of my sister and me(Really).



Here is a checklist of things to consider

■Gmail, LINE, facebook 等の ITのアカウント、パスワード、および解約方法

- IT accounts, passwords, and cancellation methods for Gmail, LINE, facebook, etc.


- How to get rid of online accounts, forex accounts, and exchanges for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (I have another $600 worth).


- How to cancel an e-commerce portal such as Amazon, Rakuten, etc.


- Cancellation or termination of cloud servers (AWS, etc.)

■破壊すべきHDD, USBメモリのITガジェット

- HDD to be Destroyed, USB Memory IT Gadgets


- Return or erase confidential documents and equipment (that should not exist).


以前、IDとパスワードを知らせずに夫が死亡して、妻がスマホ、PC、あらゆる電子デバイスが使えなくなって、孤立してしまったという、知人の話を記載しましたが ――

I once described the story of an acquaintance whose husband died without informing her of his ID and password, leaving his wife isolated with no access to her phone, PC, or any electronic devices.


I have no doubt that this situation will arise in the case of the Ebata family.


I think I'll take this opportunity to prepare a lot of things.



Yesterday, I published an email from a person who had a "Notarized Declaration of Death with Dignity. Today, I received an email from him again with the following information.

====== ここから ======

====== From here ======


If you have your family, it is recommended that you discuss the contents with them.


It is common for family members to make decisions against the patient's will (e.g., begging for life-prolonging treatment) at the last minute.

====== ここまで ======

====== To here ======


As a matter of fact, I am also planning to make a "Notarized Declaration of Death with Dignity," and the reason is exactly the "family".



As you may know, I am the one who made the decision to "kill" my father.


This was a judgment based on my own beliefs, based on my own learning, knowledge, examples and "reason".


Even now, I have no regrets.


Nevertheless, it is true that it was a lot of pressure to judge other people's lives by my own beliefs.



In contrast, my daughters, who will be the judges of my life, seem to be "completely unprepared.


Ebata: "Since I've been so clear about how I want to die, I want you to 'kill me properly' in a way that conforms to my will. You are my last line of defense"


Senior daughter: "Hmm, but I'm confident that if a doctor were to tell me in a strong tone of voice that I should prolong your life. I would easily snap"


Ebata: "Oh, my..."


Senior daughter: "Well, I won't resist for three minutes. I'm sure the doctor will break me down right away"


Ebata: "That's not good enough for me..."

次女:「そもそも、それは、パパの命のことでしょう?! パパがちゃんと万全の手配をしておきなさい! 自分ことは自分で、でしょ?」

Junior daughter: "In the first place, it's about your life, isn't it? You have to make sure everything is in order! You can take care of yourself, can't you?"



Unfortunately, my daughters are the ones with the "reason" in this case.


It seems that I need to pre-install a "batch process" that will automatically activate when I am unable to express my will.


I have to be prepared for 'how to get myself killed' with that kind of determination.



I have another parent (my mother) who is living in a bedridden state.

母は、過去に一回、延命治療に関して、自らジャッジをするチャンスがあり、そこで意見 ―― 延命を希望する ―― を表明しました。

My mother has had the chance to make her own judgments about life-prolonging treatment once before, and she has expressed her opinion -- that she wants to prolong her life.


However, I don't know what my mother is thinking about now.


My mother is no longer allowed to express her "change of judgement".


Therefore, my mother's "final judgment" has become the principle and lock for my current actions (her care and life-prolonging treatment).


私の両親が、私に残してくれた最大の教えは ―― その是非や功罪や重圧や葛藤があったとしても、

The greatest lesson my parents left for me was -- no matter the pros and cons, the merits and demerits, the pressures and conflicts,

―― 自分の命の取り扱いは、自分で決めなければならない

"I have to decide how to handle my own life"


that is the necessity of this "self-determined death", I believe.



Previously, I wrote a column whose title is

見せろ! ラズパイ ~実家の親を数値で「見える化」せよ

Let me see! Raspberry Pi - "Visualize" your parents in numerical form.



I received an email from a reader of this column who said that he had actually prepared a "Notarized Declaration of Death with Dignity.



I thought this email would be of great value to many people, so I asked for and received permission to publish it in full.


It is reprinted below.

===== ここから =====

===== from here =====

江端 智一 様

Mr. Tomoichi Ebata


I'm Chaos, a retired *****-based former researcher/engineer.


I always enjoy reading your series of columns.


I had a chronic illness and come to create a Death with Dignity Declaration, but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit us and I panicked and notarized the document.


In addition, I notarized the will, property management contract, voluntary guardianship contract, and the person's wishes after death that cannot be stipulated in the will (no funeral, scattering of bones at sea).


I found Mr. Ebata's series of articles very helpful. Thank you very much.



Rather than a declaration of death with dignity, it was more like a DNR declaration.


(*)DNR: Denial of resuscitation


My biggest fear is that I will be bedridden for an unnecessary length of time and that I will develop dementia.


I also did some research and the only way to legally refuse life-prolonging treatment is to leave a notarized letter.


The original is kept at the notary public's office, some are kept by the lawyer, and the certified copy is kept by the person himself.


Notaries are available for a fee, but they will travel to your home.


I emailed the draft back and forth, revised it, and processed it at home.


I was able to use a word processor to create documents, which was helpful.



Since both ventilators and ECMO are useless if I have COVID-19, I made the following policy.


- Don't use unnecessary life-prolonging treatment. Don't waste medical resources.


- Let me die comfortably. Prioritize palliative care.


- Maximize the time I can move freely and minimize the time from hospitalization to death (even if my total life span may be shortened).


- To prevent the doctor in charge from being prosecuted for medical malpractice, he was allowed to administer IV glucose and oxygen.


- Prohibit surgery even if cancer is found (time spent sleeping in surgery is wasted)


- Specify the treatment to be refused (e.g., tracheal intubation/incision, central venous drip feeding, dialysis, gastrostomy).


I have COPD caused by smoking, and it progresses irreversibly.


(*)Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


I am receiving home oxygen therapy with an oxygen concentrator.


I'm not going to use the nursing care insurance until the very last minute because of the risk of infection from the helpers.


It was dangerous to go out, so I stopped taking physical examinations and medical checkups.



I've been posting and serializing a column called "Introduction to Finding Information on Infectious Diseases" under the pseudonym of a certain Anonymous on Kadokawa's novel site, kakuyomu.jp.


If you have time, please have a look.


I solved the mathematical epidemiology model SIR numerically (I have Maple and an 8-core Xeon machine + 64 Gbyte ECC memory). I think that 80% of Uncle (Dr. Nishiura)'s claims were correct.


I hope to read about it in your series of column on the theme of "Can enhanced PCR testing control the spread of infection?"


I recommend enhanced PCR testing and detection isolation.

SIRでは、無症状感染者を積極的に検出/隔離すればRt < 1 に向かうはず。

According to the SIR, active detection/isolation of asymptomatic infected patients should lead to Rt < 1.



Although the first day of spring has passed, it is still very cold.


I pray that you will take care of yourself in the midst of the Corona disaster.


I am looking forward to your further works.


インターネット老人会会員 Chaos 拝

Sincerely yours

Chaos, as Internet Seniors Association Member

===== ここまで =====

===== to here =====



Also, it seems that the former prime minister has been making gaffes and slip of the tongue incidents.


I remember him well for the "Ehime Maru" accident, but other than that, all I remember is the gaffe and tongue twister incident.


Nevertheless, since he has held many important positions, I believe he must have strong political abilities (such as coordination and glaring).

政治家とは、そうい資質を持って貰わなければ困るのも確かです ―― 『無理を通してナンボ』です。

Politicians need to have such qualities -- they can't be forced to do anything.



As for this gaffe, I will not participate.


I don't have the time, energy, or inclination to use social media to criticize anyone or anything.


If I am going to criticize, I want to focus on the content and the target of the criticism.


Once a target has been locked, they will continue to criticize it, persistently and persistently.


For the time being, the target will be limited to politicians and the content will be "IT" and "Corona".


ですので ―― 例の元首相について言えば、

So, speaking of the former prime minister, that is

―― イット革命(*)

"It revolution"



(*) He referred to the IT revolution in this way, at a meeting with bureaucrats when he first took office.