今週末は、終日コーディングをしていました ―― 仕事が山ほどたまっていまして。

This weekend, I was coding all day long -- because I had a lot of work.


So, just a few minutes ago, I finally completed a program to create 100 tourists and 100 local agents in a city in Japan.


Of course, I knew that I could "make it," but when it came to actually making it, I had to remember a lot of things, and it took longer than expected.



So, relieved, I went down to the living room and found my wife watching a TV program she had recorded.

私は、その番組を20秒ほど見て、書斎に直帰しました ―― せっかくテレビを見ている嫁さんに、いらんことを言いそうになったからです。

I watched the program for about 20 seconds and went straight back to the study -- because I was about to say something unwanted to my wife who was watching TV.


The drama seems to be based on a "game production site," but the setting of the program development site was too "improbable".


- The program development site (x system operation site) that allows cyber-attacks to go unchecked can only be thought of as a "bunch of idiots," and


- It's common sense to double or triple backups, and to keep them in the cloud, and


- I've never heard such a startling interpretation of a program as a "data blueprint"!


However, it is not mature to poke a lot of questions about them.

―― 考証が甘いとか、そういう話じゃないんだ。これは、ドラマの視聴者に分かりやすくする為に、敢えて、こういうベタな設定をしているんだ

"I'm not talking about the lack of archaeological evidence or anything like that. This is just a goofy setup that I'm daring to use in order to make it easier for drama viewers to understand"


I believe that this is a good idea.


However, this also indicates, conversely, that this is the level of "knowledge of program development" among the general public.



Frankly, I was horrified.

私は、コラムで偉そうに、内政や外交や軍事について、論じていますが ―― 基本的に、私は素人です。

I discuss domestic politics, foreign policy, and military affairs in my columns in a pompous manner -- basically, I'm an amateur.


There is no way I can compete with the knowledge and expertise of bureaucrats, politicians, and civil servants (Self Defense Force members and firefighters) who are involved in domestic, diplomatic, and military affairs in real time.

でも、私のコラムに対して『ド素人! 引っ込んでいろ!!』というようなコメントを、私は一度も受けたことはありません。

But in response to my column, I have never received such a comment, like "Amateur!" or "Stay out of it!"



Actually, I might have discussed domestic policy, foreign policy, and military things, despite having only this TV drama level of knowledge.


And from the people at the front field,

―― まあ、しょせん、素人の言うことだからね

"Well, after all, he(Ebata) is just an amateur isn't he?"

という、生暖かい目で見逃されて続けていたのかもしれない ―― そう考えると、心底、怖くなってきたのです。

I was afraid that I might have continued to be overlooked by the warm-hearted eyes. When I thought about it, I became truly frightened.


"Your (Ebata's) opinion doesn't move the world even one millimeter"


Just the thought of someone saying that to me is so embarrassing that I want to roll around on the floor.



Which country declared war on a country that relies on them for 90% of its energy (oil)?


The answer is "Japan".


In 1941, Japan launched a war against the United States.


The ratio of national power at that time was 50 (U.S.):1 (Japan).



What I'm trying to say is,


'War, however irrational it may be, begins when it begins.'


and, in many cases


A war cannot be stopped until one side or the other is in a state of what might be called devastation."


This was a historical fact.


For more on this, please read "Japan's Decision to Start War with Four "Ifs" and One "Might"" here.



I don't know about other cases, but it seems that when it comes to wars between nations, a lesson of history is that 'lessons of history are useless'.



There are many things I do not understand about the relationship between Russia and Japan regarding this Russian invasion of Ukraine.


I am not familiar with the energy issues between Russia and our country.


For example, the projects called "Sakhalin 1" and "Sakhalin 2."


Japan, in its role as the standard-bearer of the Western liberal camp in Asia, is imposing an unprecedented level of economic sanctions against Russia.


So, it would make sense for Russia to "completely stop energy exports to Japan" in retaliation (if they completely disregard contracts, illegal acts under international law, international conventions, etc.).


Even the U.S. oil export ban on Japan in 1941 was a complete breach of contract on the private level. However, there is no way that a private energy company can compete with the power of the state.


To begin with, I am not even sure what is going on right now with the withdrawal of WIPO's MFN status to Russia.




I am looking forward to receiving an e-mail from anyone who can provide a simple explanation of this situation to Ebata.


If the stories I receive catch Ebata's heart, I would like to immediately adopt them in our column.


Of course, we will keep the source of the story confidential.




I am currently taking a classroom lecture at a university, and after all this time, I realize that 'studying was so much fun'.

『はあ? 今頃、何言ってんだ?』という声が聞こえてきそうです。

I can almost hear you saying 'Huh? What are you talking about now?'


However, after working as a researcher for a long time, I have been taking in the necessary knowledge and using whatever tools (calculation methods and techniques) are available to me on a daily basis.


"Systematic study" is given "in a systematic way"


I realize how wonderful (or rather, how beautiful) it is to be able to do this.

―― この素晴しさや、美しさを、現役の大学生に実感して貰うのは、難しいだろうなぁ・・・

"It will be difficult for current college students to appreciate the beauty and splendor of this place..."


I thought that.


Of course, there are still some current college students who can understand "it", but is it "senior people's assumption" that makes me think so?


問題は、講義が"英語"で行われていることです ――当然「英語に愛されないエンジニア」である私には、その内容は理解できません。

The problem is that the lectures are given in "English" - of course, as an "engineer who does not love English", I cannot understand the content at all.


Then, it is no longer a matter of giving up on understanding English and countering the lecture content with thorough preparation.


And now I am using "YouTube".


The lectures on "YouTube" are also in English, but I am trying to listen to whatever I can, and write about it, until I somehow "feel like I understand it".


I use the lecture offered by one of the universities in India.


The examples with real-life numbers are practical and really helpful.

講義のビデオを途中で止めて、戻して、印刷して ―― その大学講座を使い倒しています。

I stop the lecture video in the middle of a lecture, put it back, print it out -- I am running them out.

これだけ潤沢な講座が、YouTubeに溢れているのは、間違いなく『リモート講義』であり ―― 「これも、コロナ禍のおかげだろうな」と思っています。

It is definitely the "remote lectures" that have flooded YouTube with such an abundance of courses -- "I think this is also thanks to the Corona disaster.



As a senior academic, I'm thinking, 'Don't we need real classroom learning anymore?' I think.



I once watched "Shouten" on TV in the sauna of a public bathhouse and was astonished at how "boring" it was.


In particular, the use of the lower part of the story is "vulgar". Moreover it was 'dirty'.

「古い」、「時代外れ」、コンプライアンス的にも『もう扱えないネタ』を平気で使って、それに気がついてもいない ――

They are not afraid to use "old," "out of date," and "out of compliance" material, and they don't even realize it.


I could not bear to look and left the sauna room.


Perhaps this day's broadcast just happened to be such a bad turn of events.


Nevertheless, even if this is "old", it should match my age.


When I thought about it that way, it occurred to me that this might not be because of the "Shouten", but rather my problem as a receptive person.



The same goes for "Sazae-san."


I stopped watching them altogether and didn't want my children to see them.


I thought it would not be good from an educational standpoint.


At the very least, I don't want to make that family the norm in my family.



There was certainly a time when the Sazae-san style of family structure worked extremely well.


There is no doubt that it is the "Sazae-san-like family attitude" that has led to the threatened growth rate of "10% real economic growth rate, achieved for 19 consecutive years.

ただ、その態様は、今の時代には良くない ―― というか『害悪』とさえ思えます。

However, the attitude is not good for the current era -- or even "harmful"

私の中では、このような価値観を強固に主張していた個人の一人が『故 安倍元首相』であり、それを強固に主張し続けている宗教団体が『旧称 統一教会』です。

In my mind, one of the individuals who firmly asserted these values was the "late former Prime Minister Abe" and the religious group that continues to firmly assert them is the "former name of Unification Church".


Of course, Japan has "freedom of thought and conscience (Article 19 of the Constitution)" and "freedom of religion (Article 20)," and any way of thinking should be free.

常識外れの献金をさせて、個人やその家族を破滅に追いやって、なお『宗教法人』を名乗り、その利権を最大限利用する ―― てなことをしない限りは、ですが。

As long as it is an individual or a corporation that does not make unorthodox donations, ruin individuals and their families, and still call itself a "religious corporation" and make maximum use of its interests.


I digress a bit.


「笑点」に笑えず、「サザエさん」に嫌悪感を感じる ――

Not laughing at "Shouten" and feeling disgusted by "Sazae-san" --


I sometimes wonder if these receptors of mine might be making me unhappy with myself.



There seems to be no end to the damage caused by investment fraud.


Ebata: "A fairly effective means of preventing investment fraud is the 'equi-proportional series,' which you should have learned in high school."


Daughter: "I don't remember that."


Ebata: "'Exponential function' would be fine."


(I just realized that probability, expected value, and standard deviation are more valid for investment fraud.)


Wife: "I don't think most people realize that it's 'tied to an investment scam.'"

江端:「うん。だから数学の授業で『投資セミナーの例題を使って、等比級数と指数関数を教えれば、一石二鳥だ』と、昔から、ずっと言い続けているんだけど ―― 文部科学省って、バカなの?」

Ebata: "Yes. That's why I've been saying for a long, long time, 'If you use the examples from the investment seminar to teach equi-proportional series and exponential functions, you kill two birds with one stone' in math class--is the MEXT stupid?"



My whole family shouted "You're right!"



Well, I know I am not proper to talk about this, as I have been a victim of fraud before.


持ち歩ける軽量のデスクトップPCが欲しい ―― てなことを、以前書きました。

I have written before about wanting a lightweight desktop PC that I can carry around with me.



I bought it.


It was a really, really painful expense, but I was afraid to use a free-address computer for security reasons, and I was determined to make it an unavoidable expense in order to do "serious coding" with a free-address from now on.


Having said that, if I was going to spend money, I wanted it to be something other than PC.


If I count Raspberry Pi as a PC, then I have almost 10 PCs in our house.



A PC is a "raw product" and will be useless after three years.


For example, in yesterday's seminar, the laptop I brought as a backup for my iPad was completely useless, and I almost ruined the presentation I had prepared.


But of course, if I keep using the old OS and apps, I can use them for even 100 years.


But if I install Office, Teams, VSCode, R, Docker, SAI, and so on, my PC will naturally become unusable.


―― ノートPCのエディタで文章が書ければ、それだけで良い

"As long as I can write in my laptop's editor, that's all that matters"


In this world, I would not have to manage 10 computers.

その文章に図や表を入れたいだの、計算をしたいだの、シミュレーションをしたいだの、100万のオブジェクトを使いたいだの、 ――

I want to put figures and tables in that text, I want to do calculations, I want to do simulations, I want to use a million objects, I want to--


That's what I want, and that's why the PC 'rots' every year.



The latest article on "New Behavioral Theory for 'Engineers Not Loved by Money'" has been published.


■Latest Articles


Thinking about the "new capitalism" from an engineer's viewpoint


In this issue, I would like to think about "new capitalism".


The trigger was my wife's comment, "I wonder what new capitalism is". As I researched this question, it became clear that it would be hopelessly difficult to implement the "2022 version of the income doubling plan".


今回からは、EE Times Japan編集部から提供されているメールを流用させて頂こうかと思います。

From this time on, I would like to use (copy and paste) the e-mail provided by the EE Times Japan editorial office.



The crowd avalanche accident in South Korea is not other people's affairs.

初詣、アミューズメント、震災、テロ ―― いつだって、私も、群集雪崩の被害者になりえるからです。

First shrine visit of New Year, amusement, earthquake, terrorism --- I could always be a victim of the crowd avalanche.


This is why I was in a hurry to learn.


(1) If I fall or am knocked down while running and people pile on top of me, the load on me will be at least 400 kg.


This is the same as a couple under a light car.


Naturally, ribs are snapped and guts rupture.


(2) Even in a merely crowded condition, the patient will be subjected to pressure of over 100 kg from the front, back, left, and right. Before the bones are broken, the lungs will be compressed, unable to breathe, and within minutes, the victim will suffocate and die.

―― なんてこった。つまり、『混雑 = 車の下敷になる or 首を締められる』ということか

-- Oh my god. So, 'congestion = being under a car or being choked'.


I have found that people can die very easily, indeed, simply by "walking into a crowd."



Some experts advise 'don't go into the crowd,' but that's nonsense advice.


If such a thing were so predictable, nobody go to the crowd avalanche accident.



What I've just learned now, are


(1) Cross your arms in front of you to protect your chest and face (boxer's posture). Avoid chest compressions, especially to maintain respiratory status.

(2)とにかく倒れないようにがっつりと立つ。倒れた場合は直ぐに立ち上がる。 大衆流れに逆らわない。細い路地や出口に向かうのは特に危険。

(2) In any case, stand firm so as not to fall. If you fall, get up immediately. Do not go against the flow of the mass flow. It is especially dangerous to head for narrow alleys and exits.


However, the above does not seem to be a "deciding factor".



It is 'bad luck' to get caught in the crowd.


And we should remember that 'crowding is an easy way to kill people'.




The diary I presented yesterday may be a bit exaggerated, however,


"To get a desktop computer for free-address use, just enough to fit in a mountaineering backpack"


is now under serious consideration.


Displays are prepared for free address, so I can use them all the time.


Laptop PCs are more expensive than desktop PCs, moreover laptop PCs have a crappy CPU and memory, and it is difficult to add more devices (memory, etc.).



By the way, I have used a PC installed with a free address and was really surprised.


This is because all the information about the previous user is still there.

―― 『なりすまし』して『不正アクセス』しちゃいなよ

"Impersonate and gain unauthorized access"


I felt sick under pressure, as if the devil was whispering to me.


I turned off that PC and worked on my iPad that day.



However, I think this is more the fault of the free address administrator than the user.


To set up a shared computer to record passwords and store their own files.

―― どこの世界の、どんな性善説だよ

"What kind of 'Theory of Innate Goodness' in what world ?"


I thought it.



'Is the world's handling of PCs so easy?' I feel a little relieved when I think about it.


I think that hijack online bank of others will be easy.


I thought to myself, "there is such a "survival strategy for old age".


ノートPCを使ったフリーアドレス ―― いわゆる「ワイガヤ」の職場というのが流行っているようです。

Recently, "Free address(*)" with NotePC, so called "WaiGaya" seems to be popular.

(*)office system where employees are free to change desk


However, according to my IT works, I just say, that is

―― 失笑

"I cannot help laughing"




On my simulator I have made and tried some experiments, more than several million object are moving in realtime environment.


The other day, the PC that executed my simulator strucked by shortage of PC resources, so I had to move the database system to another PC.


Why don't I use Cloud?


Of course, in addition to the problems of realtime movie and commnucation speed, the VC that Cloud provides has poor calculation power. So heavy simulations I have tried is out of question.



In short, my IT works are, like

―― 野外で、掘削機をつかって轟音(ごうおん)たてながら、道路に巨大な穴をあけて、そこに、クレーンで引き上げた配管を地中に1mmの誤差もなく埋め込む

Making a big hole on the outside road using excavator with a roading in open air, pulling a pipes up by crane and, embeding in in the ground without a margin of error of 1mm.


super-scale and super-precision IT.


Of course, I need several high-spec PCs, and each computer's capabilities must be used to the limit.


Therefore, I have a cult of tuning on my computer to the point, like "I can't do any better".


■ ITの仕事の種類も知らずに『フリーアドレス』を主張している奴って、

- Whoever claims "Free Address" without knowing the type of work IT does...

■ ITの作業現場を知らず、

- Without knowing the working field of the IT

■ 社外に『かっこよくて、クール』なオフィス環境を提供しているという実績を残したい、と考えている

- wants to leave a track record of 'providing a cool, cool office environment' outside of the company.

■ 幹部か管理部門の奴らが、安直に思いつきそうなことだよね

- It's the kind of thing that executives or administrative guys would come up with on the cheap.

―― という同僚の言葉は、本当に胸に染みました。

The words of this colleague really touched my heart.



However, "Free Address is the trend of the time", then I have to accept it.


Then I will now drag my outdoor wagon to work, with

■ 2台のデスクトップと、

- two desktop PCs

■ 3台の大型ディスプレイと、

- three large display

■ 各種周辺装置

- several various devices



Of course, if you have an accident or injury, you would have to apply for workers' compensation.