I think it's probably true for many players that "having an audience improves their motivation.


However, I don't really understand this "fact" as I have been athletically illiterate all my life, thoroughly avoided team play, and only played individual sports such as tennis and skiing.


For example, during a tennis match, when I'm thinking about how to hit a service shot, if people are cheering loudly for me, I comt to think that

―― うるさい! 集中できないから、静かにしていろ!!

"Shut up! I can't concentrate, so keep it down!"



When I saw a TV broadcast of a sumo tournament without an audience, I was so impressed by the tranquility of the battle that I thought, "Sumo is such a beautiful sport.

相手の投手のヤジる野球の試合と、選手をヤジろうものなら大問題となる剣道の試合 ―― 同じスポーツなのに、これを「文化の違い」の一言で纏めていいのだろうか、と思っています。

A baseball game where they yell at the opposing pitcher, and a Kendo game where they can get in big trouble if they try to yell at a player -- Can we just call these "cultural difference" ?


Of course, I hate any sport where it is "normal" to have players (not spectators) yelling at opposing players during a game.


Furthermore, the words "away" and "home" are already not "beautiful" in sports competitions.



Therefore, I would like to affirm "no audience" not reluctantly, but logically and positively.


I believe that there is a beauty in sports events that are held without spectators that we do not yet know.


まあ、私の見解に、賛同者が"少ない"、というか、"いない"のは ―― よく分かっています。

Well, I am well aware that there are "few" or even "no" people who agree with my opinion.



In a certain anime, there is a famous line,


Well, first of all, could you please define "friend" to range from where to where?



And, well, so far, I think it's in the category of normal teenager's "philosophy".

―― というか、これくらいのことを考えないティーンがいたら、『そいつは人間じゃないだろう』とすら思います。

I mean, if there is a teen who doesn't think about this much, I even think, 'She/He's probably not human being.



What surprised me was when I knew that there was a system to define and register "friends".


For example,

―― Facebookの「友達申請」

"Friend request" on Facebook


I remember the shivers that went down my spine when I heard those words.


I was stunned to find out that, unbeknownst to me, the "friend" system had become a "contract" system consisting of requests and approvals.



To think about marriage, it is also a contractual system, consisting of mutual application between two parties and approval by the state.


With that in mind, I thought that the "friend request" form of social networking sites would be a good idea.


Then I thought that if it is a "best friend", which is a rank above "friend", it could be approved by the state or even do blockchain authentication by a private service company.


それも、私がSNSをやっていない理由の一つです ―― ぶっちゃけ「気持ち悪い」です。

That's also one of the reasons I don't do social networking -- it's "weird" to be honest.


The words "friend request" is bad.

せめて「ピア(×ペア)申請」とか、「エントリー」とか、「名前登録」とか ―― その程度なら、私は「気持ち悪い」とは思わなかったと思います。

If it had been at least something like "peer (x pair) application", "entry", "name registration" -- I don't think I would have felt "weird" about it.



This is the first time I've purchased wireless earphones. I've been using them for a while now.


It's called a bone conduction type, and it doesn't block your ears.


The sound quality is not that great, but I often walk in town while reading books or tablets, so being able to hear is a big advantage.


My tablet has had a cheap SIM (500 yen/month).

Amazon Primeで映画を見るには、通信容量が貧弱ですが、音声だけなら十分です。

The communication capacity is poor for watching movies on Amazon Prime, but it is sufficient for audio only.


Also, I have no problem using the tablet as a car navigation system, which is why I use it when I drive around my parents' house.


Aside from that.


Amazon Primeのメニューに「美少年探偵団」というアニメがありましたが、タイトルを見ただけでした。

There was an anime called "Bishonen Tanteidan(Beautiful Boy Detective Agency)" in the Amazon Prime menu, but I only saw the title.

ところが、西尾維新先生の著作であることを知るや否や、私はいきなり方針転換して、Amazon Primeで"一気見" ―― ならぬ、"一気聞き"をしてしまいました。

However, as soon as I found out that it was written by Ishin Nishio, I suddenly changed my mind and watched it in one sitting - or rather, listened to it in one sitting - on Amazon Prime.

いわゆる、西尾作品は、 ―― もちろん映像とともに見るのが一番良いのですが ―― ストリーそのものが十分に面白いので、音声だけでも十分に楽しめます。

The so-called Nishio's works are best viewed together with the images, of course, but the audio alone is enjoyable enough.


Walking with my tablet in audio mode thrown in my backpack and listening to the audio through my bone conduction earphones is safe, stress-free, and helps me get my exercise.



I wonder how many people can enjoy video content with only audio.


I sincerely hope that NHK will consider offering the NHK Special as a "free audio-only" service.



(Continuation from yesterday)

―― それでは、「ワクチン接種を終えていない方は、入店を御遠慮下さい」はどうかな?

"How about "Please do not enter the store if you have not been vaccinated"?"


I thought about this, and I expect that this, as well as the mask, will be allowed to refuse entry.


At present, 11% of people in Japan do not want to be vaccinated (NHK survey).

のこりの89%の人は、リスクを覚悟した上でワクチン接種に踏み切った/踏み切る予定の人達で ―― そして、ここが重要ですが ―― 「ワクチン接種をした/する人が多数派」になるという事実です。

The remaining 89% are those who have taken or will take the risk of getting vaccinated. And here's the important point is that the fact that the majority of people who have been vaccinated or will be vaccinated.


And the court's use of "in the current situation and socially accepted wisdom" is based on the majority opinion of the people.


Let us think,



(1) The large number of people who were vaccinated knowing the risks,


(2) having to get the risk from the small number of people who do not get vaccinated for fear of the risk,


Do you think that the large number of people will "laugh and forgive" the small number of people?



They can't do that.


They will say "that's too selfish!" And I will agree with them.


Even I had some painful adverse reactions after the vaccination (though I only had arm pain on the day of and the next day).



It is 100% up to the individual to choose not to vaccinate.

ただ、それによる不利益 ―― おそらく差別的とも思える取扱いをされること ―― は、諦めて頂くしかないと思います。

However, I think you have to give up the disadvantage of being treated in a discriminatory manner.



An administrative will provide proof of vaccination for those who have received the corona vaccine.


This means that from now on, not only at concerts, plays, and sports games, but also at stores, people without vaccination certificates will be denied entry.


Now, this "refusal to enter" is always mentioned in the history of the world in combination with the issue of discrimination.

超有名なのは、もちろん、『アフリカ系アメリカ人公民権運動』から今も続く、いわゆる黒人差別問題ですが、日本でも、差別問題は、もう挙げるのがうんざりするほどあります ――

The most famous is, of course, the so-called discrimination against blacks, which has been going on since the African-American Civil Rights Movement, but even in Japan, there are so many discrimination issues that I am sick of mentioning them.


So, I won't talk about it this time.



Now, as "Please refrain from entering the store if you are not wearing a mask" changes to "Please refrain from entering the store if you have not been vaccinated", the question is purely "Is this discrimination?"


I did some research and found out that, in principle, it does not fall under the category of "discrimination".


The article on which this is based is Article 521, "Freedom of Contract," of the Civil Code.

1. 何人も、法令に特別の定めがある場合を除き、契約をするかどうかを自由に決定することができる。

1. any person is free to decide whether or not to make a contract, except as otherwise provided by law.

2. 契約の当事者は、法令の制限内において、契約の内容を自由に決定することができる。

2. The parties to a contract are free to determine the content of the contract within the limitations of the law.


For those who still try to enter the store, it is possible to report them to the police for trespassing and failure to leave as stipulated in Article 130 of the Penal Code.


However, the reasons must be logical, objective, and above all, legal.


You cannot refuse to enter a store because you have a disability or because you are of a different nationality, and if you do, you will be penalized by another law to the contrary.



At present, there is no case in Japan where a dispute over "If you do not wear a mask, please refrain from entering the store" has been brought to court, so naturally there is no precedent yet.


In our country, the trend seems to be that such refusal of entry is acceptable under the current circumstances and socially accepted norms.


If you think this is discrimination, you can "try it out and fight it in court.




"It is socially acceptable to deny entry to a person who refuses to take precautions (wearing a mask) against the spread of a legally contagious disease that can lead to death"


With the content of this ruling, I feel that the case will be concluded.


(To be continued)


「世界を「数字」で回してみよう」の連載を開始してから、私は政府因り ―― 政府を擁護する ―― 考え方をするようになってきました。

Since starting the "Let's Run the World by the Numbers" series, I have come to think something from government policy.


After all, when I read all kinds of data, do all kinds of calculations, and keep thinking about it in order to "see the whole of Japan in numbers," I will find myself getting closer to the government's plan.


Of course, there are many things that the government should be criticized for, but within the framework of the current administrative system, I often think, 'It would be impossible to deal with this any further'.

例えば ――

For example,


The best solution for scheduling the vaccination of 126 million people cannot be found by gathering all the supercomputers in the world.


Incidentally, I hope AI believers will be embarrassed to the hilt when they shout, "Why don't you use AI in our vaccination programs?


That aside.



It is the lawmakers, or "politicians," who should be blamed, rather than the administrative agencies.


It is the job of politicians to beat the government's ass in the area between illegal and legal.


There are many voters in the world who want politicians to be "righteous," "clean," and "pleasant".

しかし、私としては、「上手くやってくれる人なら、誰でもいい」( + 浮気やら、不倫やら、汚職やらをやらないか、やるなら、マスコミにバレない程度の工作ができる知性がある) です。

However, for me, it's "anyone who can get it right" (+ either they don't cheat, have an affair, or do corruption, or if they do, they have the intelligence to do so without the media finding out).



As for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, I went to vote the other day.


I voted for the 39-year-old science graduate who "used pie charts to describe the degree to which he had achieved his commitments.


I was a little excited at the prospect of finally having a politician who could speak in numbers.


昨日、私の国際学会のカンファレンスペーパーの採択決定について、EE Times Japan(EETJ)編集担当のMさんとメールをしていました。

Yesterday, I was emailing with Ms.M, the editor of EE Times Japan (EETJ), about the decision to accept my international conference paper.


"My paper I wrote in the same spirit as my column in EETJ has been accepted by the conference office"


"This is a victory for the engineer who have not been loved by English"


I received the following response to above my email.

―― 本当は江端さんは、英語に愛されているのではないでしょうか

"The truth is, you are loved by English, aren't you ?"

―― 英語側が「ツンデレ」といいますか、あまのじゃくな気がします

"I feel that English is "tsundere(running hot and cold)" or bland"


上手い! 座布団一枚!!

"That’s a good one!"


I thought that.


However, I don't think that "tsundere" can convey "love".

だから、やっぱり ―― 『英語が悪い。私は悪くない』

So, after all -- "English is bad. It's not my fault"





ファイル→エクスポート→L-SMASH Works Mux→Mux→ファイルの種類でmp4を選択







(Continuation from yesterday)

昨日の「沖縄戦 出口なき戦場」の他、NHKスペシャル「映像の世紀」「(原発事故)廃炉への道」「MEGAQUAKE 巨大地震」など、私は、追い立てられるような気持ちで視聴しています。

In addition to yesterday's "Battle of Okinawa: A Battlefield Without a Way Out," I have been watching NHK specials such as "Century of Movies," "(Nuclear Power Plant Accident) Road to Decommissioning," and "MEGAQUAKE: A Huge Earthquake" as if I were being driven to watch them.

私は、「今のような、民主的で、安全で、災害のない毎日がこれからも続く」 ―― そんなことは1mmも信じていないからです。

This is because I don't believe at all that we will continue to have democratic, safe, and disaster-free days like we do now.


Before the Pacific War, Japan was a nation of laws with sovereignty of the people, and the judiciary, the executive and the legislature functioned as we do today.


Even in Germany, before the rise of Nazi Germany, the Weimar constitution was in effect, which proclaimed the sovereignty of the people.


In little more than a decade, it has become a police state, a militarist state, and a dictatorship.


One only has to look at what is going on in Hong Kong and Myanmar to watch persons who advocate for "rights" and "justice" are easily imprisoned and killed.

―― なのに、なんで、みんな、そんな自信タップリに安心していられるの?

"So how can you all be so confident and secure?"


I think so from the bottom of my heart.



I have learned from history that "justice" and "righteousness" have a 'expiration date'.


So, I am always ready to make sure that only I (and my family) can escape during the 'expiration date'.


In "After the Expiration Date," I've been writing whatever I want in my blogs and columns, and I'm sure I'll be at the top of the kill list.



My family members stay in their rooms when I try to watch the above mentioned documentary programs.


Well, I think that this can't be helped.


From now on, various special programs will be aired for the anniversary of the end of the war in August, but probably few Japanese will take them seriously.


"Feelings that must be conveyed" and "Feelings that must be received" are not equivalent.

その想いの強さにおいて、「伝えなければならない想い」 >>>>> 「受けとらなければならない想い」という感じで、私の主観値としては、1000倍~1万倍くらいの差があると思います。

In terms of the strength of those feelings, I think there is a difference of 1,000 to 10,000 times in the subjective value of "feelings that must be conveyed" >>>>> "feelings that must be received".


I think that history education should be restructured based on the premise that "the lessons of history cannot be passed on to future generations"



If I were a history teacher, I would make and submit the following questions.


(1)沖縄戦、(2)広島原爆投下、(3)東京大空襲 を、民間人(非戦闘員)の死者数の多い順に並び替えよ

Sort (1) the Battle of Okinawa, (2) the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and (3) the air raid on Tokyo, in order of the number of civilians (non-combatants) killed.




At the very least, it is better than today's conceptual history education because it can convey the scale of the tragedy.


I think it's better than the current situation where we are mass producing children who don't know that the US and Japan were at war.


BS1 NHKスペシャル「沖縄戦 出口なき戦場」の前後編を一気見しました。

I watched the BS NHK special "Battle of Okinawa, without escapeway" of the first and last half throughout.


During the new Corona disease, I think I have had often chances to watch (Recorded) TV programs.


However, set is aside,


Needless to say, "Hell beyond the limits of human being imagination " was portrayed in an unflinching and intense manner.


If you want to know about these historical events, it is better to watch documentaries like this than movies made in Hollywood.


I think we should realize the ridiculousness of war movies that depict "family love" and "marital love" in this kind of hell.



In this documentary program, the story of

―― 米軍に投降しようとする日本人の民間人を銃殺しようとする日本兵

"Japanese soldier tries to shoot a Japanese civilian who is trying to surrender to US forces"




In the same environment and position, I am sure that I would have killed my civilian just like this Japanese soldier.


It makes no sense to criticize the "hell of the unusual" from the safety of our daily lives, where we are guaranteed to live, have enough food and sleep 75 years in the future.



We are the kind of idiots who shy away from taking even the legally guaranteed "annual leave" because of the atmosphere in the workplace or the boss's face. So we will make us


"Japanese soldiers trying to kill Japanese civilians"



I think that the proverb of "On battlefield, the person to make a justice argument will be killed first" is true.


(*) I thought these were Sun Yat-sen's words, but I couldn't find them in the documents. If anyone knows who said it, please let me know.


Once we have created a battlefield, everyday logic no longer applies.


Therefore "Never make any battlefield" is important.